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Legal issues in media

Remember that episode of Gossip Girl where Blair Waldorf started that one rumor to ruin Serena Vanderwoodsen’s sparkling reputation? I’m not going to specify which episode, because it seemed to happen in every other one, but had this been the real world, Blair would have landed herself in some major legal issues. 477 more words

Cute Nihilism: on The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man niedlich.

There have been a number of critiques that have come out regarding Wes Anderson’s most recent feature…

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On trying to be a "public intellectual"

While many elected officials would rather sloganeer and posture than collaborate, the country languishes in the residual effects of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression: inequalities persist in pay, social advantage, and education; the gap between the few who have and the many who have not grows ever wider; the possible apocalyptic effects of global climate change increasingly appear inevitable.

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Public Intellectual: Final Event

On 13 and 14 March, the last event in the Becoming a Public Intellectual series took place. This time we were invited to the Open University premises in Milton Keynes for two days of training on direct public engagement through social media. 359 more words


Bursting the bubble by going public: Scholarship and civic engagement

At Augustana our students (and often our colleagues) refer to life in our small, residential liberal arts enclave as “the Augie bubble.” It’s a safe, comfortable space in which one may live, work and play free from any annoying connection to what is often described as the “real world.” While bubble existence can have its advantages, it can also stifle optimal learning and engaged citizenship — goals we have for our students as lifelong learners, and goals we have for ourselves as teachers, scholars and citizens. 3,449 more words


“I want to disturb my neighbour”: Stuart Hall and the role of the public intellectual

Thought precedes action, and Jamaica in its obliviousness to who Stuart Hall was, to his extraordinary work and life, to his globally mourned death, demonstrates the perils of a society in which the most complex levels of thinking are considered expendable, an unnecessary luxury, something that need not detain the nation. 1,687 more words


A Short Update

I have been very busy lately, which is why I haven’t written much. It’s not that I don’t have the time – after all, I can knock out a post in less than fifteen minutes if I have to. 539 more words