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10 Best States for Paying Back Your Law School Debt

by Stephen Dash

Average law school debt at graduation exceeds a staggering $100,000. Everyday at Credible, we see young lawyers trying to deal with their student debt, whether by  693 more words

Student Loans

Leaders to Stand up and speak reason

People are becoming fearful of our future and the direction America is headed.  We look to our leaders to ‘stand up and speak truthfully’.  But all too often we hear nothing but lies — many times… 69 more words


The never ending thought in the head of a Journalist- Do I or don't I ?


Quotes in a story add value, bringing in that human interest story to make it sound real.

So once you have your greatest quote ever, you put it in your article to only see that it doesn’t fit, or doesn’t make sense. 803 more words


The Journalist love affair with celebrity culture !

The press is notoriously known as being particularly intrusive and nosy in the lives of celebs, continually breaching the parameters of privacy for the sake of public interest, however the question stands is all celeb culture really in the public interest or is it simply for the sake of gossip and having a good human interest story. 544 more words


Expunction Function

Written by Corey V. Parton, Parton Law Firm, PLLC

Research by Brandon Forbes, 3L, Charlotte School of law

Everybody makes mistakes.  Most people regret them, learn from them, and move on.  552 more words

Charlotte School Of Law

Journalists can be the biggest drama queens !

What I mean by journalists being drama queens is the idea that sometimes us journalists like to sensationalise everything, for example the reporting on the Ottawa shootings. 524 more words