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What Health Care Employers Can Learn From the Ebola Response in Dallas

The recent Ebola case at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas, provides some important lessons for health care employers.  As of today, only 3 cases of Ebola have been diagnosed in the United States (which has a population of approximately… 683 more words

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The factions of the American Church need to pump the breaks regarding the current Synod on the family.

I should probably begin with what a synod is seeing how a lot of people are vapor locking over the current one.  In layman’s terms a synod is an assembly of the clergy usually bishops and sometimes also the laity of a church.   577 more words

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City of Houston Demands Pastors Turn Over Sermons

The concept of ‘separation of church and state’ as we hear it today is a fallacy.  The founders created our constitution and wrote the FIRST amendment first, because it was important to them.  120 more words


The Bishops release a statement saying love your neighbors as yourselves and........

The Synod hasn’t nor will they touch doctrine, but you wouldn’t know that from reading the web today.  Apparently those that follow the movement formally known as conservatism are upset because the synod suggested that you know we treat our neighbors as ourselves.   17 more words

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Public Interest is a progressive idea, not a weapon against change

Public interest is not a well defined term.  It is a powerful one, though, as it invokes a justification that suggests it overrides one or many individual interests.  577 more words

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Kicking things off anew.

I always have such high hopes for blogging and they almost never work out.  That being said this is my home where I whisper and posts things that are important to me.   35 more words

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