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In Wireless Sensor Network security, the open challenge is forming a secure network infrastructure using a bootstrapping protocol.
The bootstrapping protocol which is a key pre-distribution technique has to be efficient and not complex as well, since sensor nodes… 131 more words

An MPC based privacy-preserving flexible cryptographic voting scheme

Some of the big problems with cryptographic voting schemes are to ensure anonymity for the voters, ensuring that votes can’t be manipulated or otherwise tampered with, that you can be certain your vote has been included and counted correctly, that the full vote count is performed correctly, that the implementation is secure, that votes can’t be selectively excluded, that fake votes won’t be counted, etc… 2,033 more words

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Basic blueprint for a link encryption protocol with modular authentication

The last few years we have seen more and more criticism build up against one of the most commonly used link encryption protocols on the internet, called SSL (Secure Socket Layer, or more precisely it’s current successor TLS, Transport Layer Security) for various reasons. 2,009 more words

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A decentralized hash-chained discussion system

After thinking for a while about how I want a discussion system to work. Since I’ve seen numerous forums get abandoned, old archived discussions getting lost when servers crash, discussions jumping between various forums and chat rooms and blogs and more, etc, I came to the conclusion that I want a commenting system that is directly focused on the posts themselves, and which is decentralized and can easily reference external discussions, and where you don’t simply lose the history of old discussions because one server went down. 953 more words

Software/protocol Ideas