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Who gets to structure knowledge? Thoughts on non-Anglocentric information retrieval.

One thing I learned from our third lab exercise is that I’m not very good at constructing useful spreadsheets. Diving straight into the exercise, by the end of the lab, the cells in my spreadsheet were filled with a whole lot of qualitative data, which wasn’t particularly easy to understand at a glance – surely missing the entire point of the Excel spreadsheet. 960 more words


Sunday Salon: A week of protest

Much of the last week has been spent in fighting proposals to turn our local branch library from a professionally run service to one that is operated or maybe even managed completely by volunteers. 359 more words

Sunday Salon

Letter to the Mercury

The Leicester Mercury have posted my email to the members of the Council’s Scrutiny Committee on their website, which I thought I’d also share here: 557 more words


Methodology for the Care of Sacred Texts in Public Libraries

I’ve been keeping these under my hat for a while because I didn’t want to say anything until they were published, but now they’ve gone live on CILIP I’m sharing them with you all: 175 more words

Prepared for the Job

Public libraries in Wisconsin, and probably every other state, are overseen by a board of trustees.  We love and need our trustees.  But sometimes we forget that they are volunteers, and don’t always know what their job involves/includes. 153 more words

Public Libraries

Why I #LoveLibraries and #CaruLlyfrgelloedd

In Wales the #LoveLibraries (or in Welsh #CaruLlyfrgelloedd) campaign has just started (mid Oct 2014). This, mostly social media, campaign is seeking to promote fantastic library services, activities and staff, and also to increase membership by getting existing members to encourage someone else to join. 348 more words


October 14(2) | HB Reflection | Visit to Cambridge UL

In these short reflections, I will be writing to keep a log of my progress through my year as a graduate trainee, documenting and adding to my portfolio for the future. 700 more words