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OverDrive Review: A Free E-Book Lending Service That Requires Some Patience

When you think of public libraries, what comes to mind? Maybe memories of the days you used to go there as a kid, or perhaps images of stacks and stacks of musty old books. 1,140 more words


Libraries: "vital role" in Wales says review

“Public libraries will continue to play a vital role in the ongoing delivery of local and national priorities such as social inclusion, lifelong learning, literacy, digital inclusion, health and wellbeing and community cohesion.” (Paragraph 198)  1,334 more words


MMIT 2014 Conference keynote speaker Liz McGettigan blogs on augmented reality

Read Liz McGettigan’s Cilip blog based on her keynote at the MMIT 2014 conference. http://www.cilip.org.uk/cilip/blog/it-time-public-library-example-augmented-reality She explores issues from augmented reality and public libraries to transliteracy and changing ways of information seeking.


Public Libraries And Advocacy: Spring 2014


Steve DelVecchio


University of Washington


Spring 2014


Public libraries provide a wide range of services and support those services with various of funding and governance models. 153 more words


The need for less usage of the Internet (for things we used to be able to do)

The irony of this title does not escape me. I am writing on the internet about how we should all use the internet less!

Statistics show that 36 hours 49 minutes is spent by each adult per month online, which is an increase from the previous figures by over 6 hours a month (Ofcom, March 2014). 753 more words

Who gets to structure knowledge? Thoughts on non-Anglocentric information retrieval.

One thing I learned from our third lab exercise is that I’m not very good at constructing useful spreadsheets. Diving straight into the exercise, by the end of the lab, the cells in my spreadsheet were filled with a whole lot of qualitative data, which wasn’t particularly easy to understand at a glance – surely missing the entire point of the Excel spreadsheet. 960 more words