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An Open Message to YouTube Management

Researchers Contest Censorship of Video Documentary

By Independent Media Solidarity and Tyranny News Network

On November 30, 2014 Independent Media Solidarity, a collective of independent researchers and video producers, released its groundbreaking documentary, … 183 more words

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The Cold War Cuban Detritus

By Alan Caruba ~

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 the Cold War that had existed between it and the U.S. since the end of World War Two came to an end, but there was ditritus, loose ends like Cuba and it has taken until now for an end to the diplomatic obstacles whose roots reach back to the Eisenhower administration. 863 more words

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Support Our Cops And Spies

By Deroy Murdock ~

Those who guard America are under fire from all directions. From police officers to CIA agents, the brave men and women who keep this country and its people safe are enduring withering criticism, disrespect, and suspicion. 816 more words

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Catch Us on CAN TV

The North Lawndale
Presidential Library Committee Town Hall Meeting on CAN TV

Below are the dates, times and channels the Obama Presidential Library video will be cablecast on CAN TV. 111 more words

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Tea Party Is A Movement Now, Not Just A Mood

By Heath Hansen ~

Is the tea party a movement or just a mood?

That was the question posed by Weekly Standard columnist and Fox News contributor Steven Hayes as he kicked off… 705 more words

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Down with the Warrior Cult

I have been trying to figure out, as I study history, why raiders thought it was A-OK to saddle up, ride to the next village and kill everyone and take their stuff. 598 more words

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