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Exercise - 'Public Order'

Question: How do Pickering’s images make you feel?

I viewed the images in Sarah Pickering’s series ‘Public Order’ having read previously that they were photographs of police training grounds. 646 more words

Documentary Photography

Hong Kong, Thursday Afternoon: Police Warn Protesters Not To Storm Government Buildings -- Democracy Groups Still Want CY Leung To Resign


HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong police warned of serious consequences if pro-democracy protesters try to occupy or surround government buildings, as they have threatened to do if the territory’s leader doesn’t resign by midnight Thursday. 768 more words

The top 10 instances when Japanese people feel thankful to be Japanese

Are there ever times when you feel really glad to have been born where you were? Maybe you’ve felt that way during a holiday, or while eating your favorite local food, but regardless, most of us have had those moments when we’re just plain thankful to be a citizen of a particular country. 1,608 more words


On participation: The unpredictable subject

I was commissioned to write this short piece of writing by Blindside ARI for the catalogue that accompanied their Meet The Public Festival, a program of events that aimed to explore the limits of public participation in contemporary art practice held from 27 August to 6 September 2014. 861 more words

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What is treason today?

A vital part of the liberal internationalist plot to destroy Britain as an independent nation is the destruction of the concept of treason. They do this the attempt through a tidal wave of propaganda about the joys of diversity, the incessant reciting of mantras such as that “we live in a globalised world” , the signing of treaties which embroil Britain in supra-national authority and the repeal of laws relating to treason. 1,880 more words