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Research Notebooks for Public Administration, Policy, and Data Science: Part 2

1.      Introduction

My previous post on this topic discussed the reasons for researchers in public administration, policy and data science to adopt from laboratory sciences the practice of keeping a research notebook. 543 more words

Public Administration Practitioners

The Data-Driven Case for Infill Policy in Edmonton

Edmonton’s infill housing policy is something of a hot topic at the moment, at least to the degree that property zoning bylaws can be considered ‘hot’. 567 more words


A John Tory election victory means little transit expansion

Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory seems to be running away with the lead for the top city job, at least all the polls have been saying this over the last month. 724 more words

Public Policy

Aging in Prison

One of the more persistent myths from the uninformed criminal justice practitioner and editorial commentators like this one in the New York Times is that older criminals can be safely released from prison because, statistically, fewer older people commit crimes than younger people; when the truth is that older criminals are generally experientially smarter and get caught less. 271 more words

Public Policy

Eric Holder resigned as Attorney General of USA

The position of Attorney General is the top federal law man in our country. The commercial news media relished the humiliation of John Mitchell. He ignored the illegal actions of the Nixon team using any means necessary to get re-election victory. 299 more words


AG Holder

A departure from recent Attorneys General who mindlessly signed on to ever-increasing executive power – whether under the auspices of the Patriot Act, FISA or otherwise – Eric Holder took a stand for civil liberties: voting rights, gay rights, limits on police aggression, and human rights for undocumented immigrants. 596 more words

Public Policy

The neverending war against terrorism: some questions

Having learned this week that our leaders have committed our military once again to fighting in the Middle East with Islamic fundamentalists that have not attacked our country and so far as is known do not immediately threaten to do so, I’m deeply disturbed. 298 more words

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