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Immigration Reform and the GOP

Two events recently started me thinking about immigration reform and the Grand Ole’ Party; Jeb Bush’s recent comments on illegal immigration being an “act of love… 748 more words


The Silent Penitentiary

The silent system of Eastern State Penitentiary in the 19th century was conducive to rehabilitation.

Though the silent system was discontinued pretty much everywhere by early in the last century, the reports of recidivism rates we have from its use suggest a rate of less than 10%, as noted by Skotnicki (2000): … 393 more words

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Ekonomi Politik Larangan Ekspor Mineral Mentah

Hari ini saya menjadi saksi ahli dari pihak pemohon di Mahkamah Konstitusi tentang kasus kebijakan pemerintah yang melarang ekspor miniral mentah yang bertentangan dengan Undang-undang No.4/2009 dan bertentangan dengan Undang-Undang Dasar 1945. 75 more words

Ekonomi Internasional

Cumulative Arrest Prevalence -- Legal

Our arrest prevalence study was recently cited in a U.S. Supreme Court decision and a U.S. Labor Department Directive:

Arrest Prevalence

How Change Happens - Or Doesn't

Book Review:

Elaine C. Kamarck - How Change Happens – Or Doesn’t: The Politics of US Public Policy

This book is a primer on the intersection of policy and politics at the federal level in the United States, looking at a variety of case studies of policy initiatives and dissecting why they did or didn’t work. 609 more words

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Donald Norris, Public Policy, in The Washington Post

An article published in The Washington Post April 15 examines the steps Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has taken during the last year in preparation for a potential White House bid in 2016. 178 more words


Capital Punishment & Cell Phones in Prison

One of the points we made in our book “Capital Punishment & Catholic Social Teaching: A Tradition of Support”, in response to the capital punishment abolition movement in favor of life in prison, is that criminals, who are very resourceful, will still find a way to commit crimes; as this story from ABC News reports. 296 more words

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