A word of caution to state troopers: don't anger the powers that be if you don't want legal problems like case from 2010

To fully understand the lengths to which those in the upper echelons of the Jindal administration will go to punish those—especially subordinates—who dare to cross them, you need look no further than the case the Louisiana State Police hierarchy attempted to build against one of its own. 1,055 more words

Governor's Office

Who do you think you are?

A recent popular TV series, of the same name as the title for this post, has ignited interest in relation to family lineage, history and heritage. 1,183 more words

Family History

DPS issues two contracts, hires contractor as state employee, pays her $437,000 to improve DMV & $13K in airfare to S.C.

In 2011, two agencies within the Louisiana Department of Public Safety (DPS) entered into a pair of contracts with a company called CTQ Consultants totaling $38,400 to eliminate waste and to increase efficiency in the Office of Motor Vehicles ($22,400) by employing a combination of a trendy management method and to decrease the average DNA purchasing process turn-around time ($16,000). 955 more words

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State Treasurer Kennedy gets LouisianaVoice treatment; board denies request for Edmonson Amendment report

It’s the story that won’t die, no matter how the Runaway Governor (apologies to Julia Roberts) would like it to.

While Gov. Bobby Jindal may go running off to Iowa or New Hampshire or Washington, D.C., or wherever his latest odyssey takes him in his futile attempt at resuscitation of his moribund presidential aspirations while ducking his responsibilities at home, folks like political curmudgeon C.B. 1,126 more words

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Judge Rules Against FL Governor Rick Scott In Records Lawsuit

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida judge is ruling against Gov. Rick Scott in an ongoing lawsuit over public records.

Chief Circuit Judge Charles Francis on Wednesday granted a request from a critic of the Republican governor to subpoena records from Google and Yahoo. 108 more words


Records request leads to wait

A year ago this week, I filed a public-records request with the Indiana Department of Education. I’m still waiting to see if I’ll get what I asked for. 486 more words

Public records proposal raises concerns

MASON CITY, Iowa – An incident in our area is stirring up some controversy about open records that are available throughout the state of Iowa. 137 more words