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Public Relation, Fungsi & Peranannya Bagi Perusahaan

Public Relation (PR) adalah fungsi manajemen di suatu perusahaan atau korporasi pada umumnya yang memiliki 4 unsur di dalamnya. Pertama, humas merupakan filsafat manajemen yang bersifat sosial; kedua, humas merupakan suatu pernyataan tentang filsafat tersebut dalam keputusan kebijaksanaan; ketiga, humas adalah tindakan akibat kebijaksanaan tersebut; dan keempat, humas merupakan komunikasi dua arah yang menunjang ke arah penciptaan kebijaksanaan ini kemudian menjelaskan, mengumumkan, mempertahakankan, atau mempromosikannya kepada publik sehingga memperoleh saling pengertian dan itikad baik. 446 more words

Humas Perusahaan

Marketing the Moon – The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program, by David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek, is a book I’ve been waiting for – in the obvious sense, once the authors flagged its existence, but also in the sense of wanting for some time to know more about this aspect of the Apollo space programme from the 1960s and early 1970s. 1,001 more words


Airlines tweet to reduce fear

The world has been tweeting #MH370. The tragic disappearance of the Malaysian Airline plane has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

Countless conversations have occurred on social media with endless suggestions of what may have happened. 267 more words


A PR firm that offers a range of PR services- 5WPR

An eminent PR firm, 5WPR offers a comprehensive range of PR services that proved beneficial for countless brands from all over the world. Integrated marketing, event management, strategic planning, social media and digital marketing and reputation management are some of the services offered by 5WPR. 14 more words


PR: "Put Storytelling Front and Center"

Many of my traditional public relations colleagues are learning to embrace video to enhance their various strategies.  For the last several years, PR practitioners have seemed to turn the proverbial corner, as various authors have released article after article touting the enormous benefits of incorporating video media into strategic messaging activities.  87 more words

Messes and Make-Goods

I recently read a blog that explained to me why Instagram has been freaking out lately. The blog titled “Can I Instagram That?” by Sarah Johnson explained the good PR behind Instagram deciding to shut-down inactive accounts. 270 more words

Public Relations

Marketing to the highest consumer

RE: Stoner Marketing - Madison McCausland

Companies have been utilizing national holidays to create sales initiatives and creative marketing ploys for ages now and finally, in recent years, many companies have been marketing towards a different market; marijuana enthusiasts. 216 more words