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The Gender Gap

It never ceases to amaze me how topics in my classes overlap despite the courses being so dissimilar. Yesterday, my seminar on women’s psychology and my PR strategy class intersected at a very interesting topic: the gender gap. 455 more words

Change & More of the Same: The Future of Social Media in PR

In an astoundingly short span of time, the world has already seen social media’s enormous impact. Almost every big business is on multiple social media platforms, and any business that isn’t is seen as old-fashioned and plain ol’ foolish. 545 more words

Social Media

Senior Baseball Captain Gary Binkiewicz Tries to Take a Swing into the Real World

Some baseball players hope to grow up to become professional athletes, some would like to coach the sport, but some, like senior Gary Binkiewicz want to take his abilities into the Public Relations field. 72 more words

Who’s influencing the influencers?

A recent Financial Times article written by Emma Jacobs called for companies to cut out the PR middle men and talk directly to journalists. This is to miss the point of modern PR. 481 more words

Social Media

Small Business, Big Crisis - What You Say Makes a Difference

“How to communicate in a crisis situation using the 3 R’s.”

It’s a common misconception that only large companies face situations that can have a negative impact on their reputation.  436 more words

Small Business


My job search seems to be a job of its own as of late.  Just yesterday, I had my very first Skype interview. It didn’t go quite like this, but it was interesting because it was different from anything I had ever done. 29 more words