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Post Networking Event Tips

By: Gina Mason

Networking events can be a great way to expand your personal Rolodex and your business. However, the key to truly getting the most out of networking events is not so much what you do at the event, but what you do after that makes a big difference. 503 more words

Mj Pedone

Survival of the fittest

Technology has changed the way we communicate, interact, how we market ourselves, and how we market our ideas. The fields of marketing, public relations, and journalism have also had to adapt to this new age, technology based, society in which we are now living. 477 more words


Kind of like Bacon

One of the beauties of the modern age of the Internet is that almost anything can be ordered and found if one so chooses. Memories can be reshaped and reformed at will. 168 more words

Complete Public Relatons

Week 1: Blog Comments PRCA 2330B

Daniela Rouse

“Older sisters have a major influence on their younger siblings and they can be a big help in us finding our way. My older sister and I didn’t follow the same path but she’s someone I can always go to for advice. 56 more words

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Week 1: Blog comments PRCA 2230B

Kelsie Kennedy

“I bet experiencing a real NASCAR race is so exciting. I’ve never met anyone interested in the NASCAR Field of PR. You’re definitely on the right path to pursue your dreams. 11 more words

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Topic of the Week: Choosing my Major

Before graduating from high school, I had some idea of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but I wasn’t exactly sure. 500 more words

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Why Research At All?

Boise State said it best when asked the importance of research.

“Research is the pursuit of knowledge.” (BSU, 2015)

Often today, and unfortunately in my generation, the importance of research is questioned. 689 more words

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