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A Focus on Vocational Education

     A recent op-ed piece in the San Antonio Express-News addressed the need for vocational and technical education to be restored to its old prominence. I agree with the author of this article that vocational-technical education should become a more prominent part of our high school curriculum. 549 more words

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Think About It: Why the Real Conversation About Charter School Does Not Happen

Talking about charter schools in my house or anywhere in my city can become a heated debate. These conversations always gives me new insight into why people are so opposed to charter schools but rarely do I feel as if my voice was heard. 652 more words

Ira Shor: Why You Should Opt Out Your Children from State Testing

Ira Shor is a professor at the City University of New York, where he teaches composition and rhetoric. Shor understands that standardized testing is the foundation on which the entire “reform” project rests. 920 more words


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This is how parents in Delaware and surrounding states can undo the damage being done by these corporate giants who as with any monopoly, don't give a damn.... "Suck it" they all seem to say....

This is our (parents) way of saying.... "ok, then suck this.." My prediction is that this will be huge and it will hang on Greg Lavelles neck... and when done, he will lay like a shattered gargoyle smashed across the stones under Notre Dame from whence he fell....

(And that makes Dave Sokola the luckiest man alive.)

What Not To Do If You Go Public

Our kids have walked the halls of our neighborhood’s elementary, middle, and high-schools for the past twelve years.

We never set out to “do” public schools as a personal statement, or a moral philosophy. 619 more words

Capturing human potential (part 4 – envisioning a new paradigm)

Education must prepare young people for the future. Now, more than at any time in human history, changes in technology, trade, and social institutions are occurring with disorienting rapidity. 437 more words

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GUEST POST: Denny Taylor, Garn Press

GUEST POST: Denny Taylor, Garn Press

 Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing to urgently request your help. If you find the political circumstance and the research base for the four propositions that I have outlined in this letter are compelling, and you support the course of action suggested here please send this letter to friends and colleagues. 1,571 more words


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It's time to recognize basic human needs and it's time to recognize how corporations are leading us all over the cliff!

Three Monkeys and the Question of Evil

When we were in Bali in February we purchased a set of “Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil” figurines.  When we got home we realized we had been given two “Speak’s” and no “See’s”. 235 more words