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Intellectual propaganda against all forms of commerce

In Britain in the 1970s, it was, writes Dalrymple,

very necessary to try to undo the effect of many years of intellectual propaganda against all forms of commerce, which the intelligentsia then thought was intrinsically besmirching in a way that public service funded by taxation was not.

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Property Management

TreCom’s Property Management solution, built on the Microsoft Dyanmics CRM platform, is a foundation for organizations tasked with managing properties including; commercial single and multi-unit complexes, corporate facilities, and other property assets. 63 more words


Discover New Revenue Streams in the ‘FED’ and ‘SLED’ Markets

One of the best ways VARs and MSPs can grow their businesses is by expanding into new vertical markets. If you’re not yet selling to the government, this is one vertical you should seriously consider. 308 more words


Parasites, Vermin, and Leeches are Sucking the Air out of the USA, and I'm Pissed

The devil is always in the details. Persons temporarily unemployed, retired persons, the disabled, and other nonparasites have contributed to their own upkeep or will in the future. 309 more words

CRM Market Builder

CRM Market Builder was designed for marketers, sales managers, recruiters, and service managers. CRM Market Builder is the complete, fully integrated, intuitive Dynamics CRM mapping analysis tool. 210 more words