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So! You may have (or more likely have not) noticed that there was no game this last weekend.

This happened for several very appropriate if vaguely phrased reasons which have been tested, reviewed, and then permanently filed under “schedule conflict”. 163 more words



Hey you! Yeah you! The person who is chewing and crunching with your mouth wide open! Didnt your parents teach you that it’s a disgusting habit and nobody wants to see the massive cow you have rolling around in there! 326 more words


PSA: Darn It

How much did you spend on that pair of wool tights? Twenty bucks? More? Sure, you can buy black tights at any drugstore, but not the good ones—a pair perfect, opaque, warm winter tights is usually gonna cost you. 113 more words


Three terms we need to stop using to excuse horrible behaviour.

As I’m doing NaBloPoMo this month my inspiration started running thin and I started thinking about different topics I could write about. I decided to monitor what I talked about in general to The Boy, my friends and my colleagues. 688 more words

Thinky Thoughts

"Night of the Living Coffee Cups" (2010) - PSA

In 2010, I entered a contest that challenged filmmakers to produce a public service announcement in the form of a movie trailer. They called it ‘Trailer Trashed’. 50 more words


PSA: Friends Do Not Let Friends Play Mario Party

The harmful effects of Mario Party on friendship have been documented for years. Gamers are a diverse culture yet all agree: stay away from… 92 more words

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