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Everything is Already Something Week 31: How to Make Actors Never Want to Work With You Again

Allison Page has some sage advice for producers, directors, and pretty much everyone else out there making theater. Of course, I may have to write one now called, “Actors: Why You Should Never Be Cast Again.” 1,595 more words

Allison Page

Unique History on Block

A 1966 Series IIa 88 Land Rover for sale

This special 1966 Land Rover has a unique history, it was one of four built and taken into service with the Honourable Artillery Company. 44 more words


It's like Christmas...

Ho, ho, ho… What’s this?

A heated windscreen kit for The Rover?

Who would have thought such a thing was available? Even possible?

Might even be better than an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle. 26 more words


Casual Racism: mixed race babies

Said it once, I’ll say it again: mixed race babies have been around for a long time. Dating/fucking/breeding with a different race will not end racism. 458 more words

Public Service Announcement

Spending Time with William, Kate and George

Here we are… The Royals (note the capitals) are making their way through a tour of The Colonies. How wonderful it must be for the old guard to travel halfway around the world to marvel at the cultural melting pot so far away fro the dream imagined when first a flag was planted in Botany Bay? 554 more words

After Dark

A Study on Smokers' Responses to Anti-smoking Advertisements by Stage of Change.

Donovan, Robert J, Susan Leivers, et al. (1999). Smokers’ responses to anti-smoking advertisements by stage of change. Social Marketing Quarterly, 5.2, 57 – 63. 250 more words

Open Mic Thread 2

I set up the first open mic thread on this blog a couple of weeks ago now. The open mic thread is where you have the floor and can raise or discuss issues of your choice. 105 more words

Public Service Announcement