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The possible advantages of the age of no privacy. In Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby.....

Young people are all over the internet. Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting, and Vineing their way to a digital future. Some are making fortunes out of 6 second videos; others are getting themselves into trouble, sharing things that really shouldn’t be in public spaces, and which may come back to haunt them in the future careers and relationships. 364 more words

Digital Inclusion

Robby Toledano, USMC Quality Control Management

Robby Toledano first joined the Marine Corps in 1996. He was in his junior year at the University of Illinois at Chicago at the time, and jumped straight into active duty. 220 more words

Robby Toledano

Is the PAP's days in power numbered?

“This is actually not a radical conclusion — almost everyone I informally surveyed broadly agreed with it, but (differed) only in their estimation as to how many years it would take before the PAP would lose an election and how many terms it would stay out of power before bouncing back,” Mr Ho added in…

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Fire response time increase follows Clerkenwell fire station closure

Published by Islington Now

Fire engine response times have increased across Islington this year, reigniting the political fallout following the closure of Clerkenwell fire station in January. 583 more words


Royal Mail & Privatisation: Its called privatisation for a good reason and politicians need to wake up and realise that privately owned business will never have the general public as its point of primary concern…

In July 2013 – before the privatisation of Royal Mail took place, I wrote a blog about the process and discussed why it was a bad idea and briefly, what the implications would most likely be for the future of the universal delivery service. 474 more words

Mapped: Islington fire engine response times increase in 2014

Figures released by the London Fire Brigade this week show that average fire engine response times increased this year in 371 of the city’s 649 wards. 71 more words


First steps to thinking relationally

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase.

-Martin Luther King Jr

At Participle, we strongly believe that a 21st century welfare system must work relationally.

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Relational Welfare