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I Don't Want "Ladies First," But What's With These Men?

by Rita Banerji

It irritates me when a man fawningly says “Ladies First!” I find it condescending. As a woman I see myself as perfectly able as any man and see no reason for being singled out that way. 633 more words

Female Genocide

Oslo Opera House

I thought I would kick off our post-holidays updates with a post on one of my favourite spots of the trip, Oslo’s opera house and home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet.   803 more words


July 21 2014

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Hannah took the step, and a T-girl sisterhood in Minnesota helped. Now it's your move. Who and what have been encouraging to you? What would you need as one more encouragement to take the real first step? A dare? That's how some of these scary things get done. A bet? Let me suggest a grocery store shopping --a dare, if you like. Take the usual full list so as to have something besides yourself to focus on. Choose a large store, maybe further from home than usual. That first step looks like a huge leap beforehand, but once begun it is just a stroll to look back on with relief and pleasure.

Not everyone is looking at the loud trouble-maker

What’s going on over there? Actually, I don’t care. I’d rather watch the lifeguards’ reactions. In Kamakura.

Public Space

Flaunt It Or Cover Up?

The Great Public Breastfeeding Debate Continues.

By David Huntwork  ~   

This is one of those recurring social debates and issues that seem to pop up quite frequently in one form or another. 1,768 more words

America (USA)

A Musical Interlude: Two Musicians, Two Instruments, Two Moods

Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul. An  iconic urban promenade through which millions of pedestrians pass each week.  Street musicians huddle along its edges, polished and amateur, youthful and worn.  186 more words

Fuji X100 Digital