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The Language of Leadership in the 21st Century

The Language of Leadership in the 21st Century

I’ve always loved language. Admittedly, my facility in it is sadly limited to English, a few French words and phrases, body language (on a good day) and oh yes, a little pig Latin. 959 more words

Bilingual Toastmasters

Testing...1, 2, 3? Is this thing on?

Public speaking today can be enhanced by amplification and visual aids. While the message must have meaning, it cannot connect with the audience if it is not heard and understood! 550 more words


Speaking Up: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

We’ve all heard the old adage to view an audience in their underwear if you’re slated to perform in front of a crowd, but did you know that public speaking is the #2 most common fear? 48 more words


Book now! Classes start 6th May

Hello everyone,

Please book now if you would like to come to the Tuesday morning Alexander classes from 6th May. Booking has technically closed – but if you email me now or pretty soon you can squeeze in! 152 more words

Get to the point.

  • John 11:35 (NKJV) Jesus wept.

William Jennings Bryan was a well-known politician in the late 19th and early 20th century. He was the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in three presidential elections. 136 more words

The ONE THING For Today

"Just Talking"

This article originally appeared in Zeitgeist, my high school magazine that I write for as a freelance journalist.

Although I’ve somehow established myself as an “eloquent” public speaker (an euphemism for what I really am: a chatterbox), the truth behind this “talent” isn’t the easiest thing to explain, let alone fathom.   496 more words