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Thankful Thursday: Reading About Love

I am so very thankful I was asked to do a reading for a dear friend’s wedding on July 5th.

Honored doesn’t even come close to what I feel. 841 more words


My Guidelines in Writing Speech Text

A part of my job scope at Office of the Vice Chancellor is preparing speech text for the Vice Chancellor.

I’ve been teaching Public Speaking course for years and you would thought that it should be a piece of cake, right? 306 more words

5 Golden Rules for Effective Presenting

We’ve all had it: That teacher or speaker with that hum-drum tone that makes us want to drift off to sleep. How can you give a presentation at work or school and keep people engaged without overdoing it? 470 more words

Professional Development Tips

Midpoint at Mama Maji

My internship is unique in that I am working at an organization that values women first and foremost. Their belief is that women are the changemakers and all of the work that they do follows this mentality. 524 more words

Summer 2014


Two months ago I had a big week at work. I was transitioning into my new role (a hybrid of facilitation, consulting and program management), so all of a sudden everything was not so automatic. 1,228 more words


Animate, Don't Alienate

The eyes and face of a speaker convey mood, emotions, and character. Both interpersonal conversation and public speaking use eye contact and facial expression to amplify meaning and clarify feelings. 874 more words


Stuttering at the open mic

The second workshop on the second day was Open Mic.

It’s a simple premise, really. There’s the microphone, a room full of conference-goers, and that’s it. 508 more words