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Librarians Aiming To Be a Public Speaker

I am planning to have a membership in Toastmasters. And I don’t know if the membership and annual dues will be worth it. Here is the story behind the reason why I intent to enhance my public speaking skills. 214 more words

Helen Stucky Risdon

Title: Founder

Company: Wellness Weavers

Location: Waterville, Kan.

Since making a covenant in 1978, Helen Stucky Risdon’s health-promotion nursing practice has evolved from giving lectures to incorporating more humor with costumes and props until the blooming of Wellness Weavers in January 2010. 381 more words


Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

In just two minutes you can change your self perceived confidence and sense of competency to perform better in stressful situations.


Getting out of that oh so comfortable comfort zone

We all have our own comfort zone. You know, that place where we feel safe but feel anxiety when we leave it.
It’s nice to feel comfortable but stepping outside of that comfort zone, though uncomfortable at first, can open a world of opportunities that your comfort zone just does not provide. 805 more words

Few creatives are skilled at presenting work. Here's how I got better. (Part II)

“Employing Steff’s system improved my presentations…and my life!”

I learned how to present creative ideas (mine and those belonging to others) by watching the best of the best and modeling my game accordingly. 488 more words

The Language of Leadership in the 21st Century

The Language of Leadership in the 21st Century

I’ve always loved language. Admittedly, my facility in it is sadly limited to English, a few French words and phrases, body language (on a good day) and oh yes, a little pig Latin. 959 more words

Bilingual Toastmasters