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Canberra: Creative City or Hit and Miss?

Canberra, it’s Australia’s capital city, full of cultural and educational institutions and architectural innovations but also home to a giant owl and a sky whale among other divisive art installations. 277 more words


Deciphering the Public Sphere

We would like to believe that those traditional forms of media we turn to for news and information have our best interest in mind. That they are striving to uphold their role as the fourth estate, reporting free from fear or favour in order for healthy media to be achieved. 323 more words


Aesthetic Journalism: Not Just a Pretty Face

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Art is not confined to that which is found in a gallery! (Cramerotti 2011) In fact, that hasn’t been the case for quite some time. 286 more words


Internet- The New Public Sphere

Where do people get information about almost any topic? The answer seems obvious- the internet which allows “immediate two way communication and one to many communication. 3,095 more words

Eight things you and I can agree on

(With my apologies to those who think “dialogue” is a bad word)

A few days have passed since the session where two different countries collided in Miraflores… 1,262 more words


CNNo-they-didn't: Rape controversy in the public sphere

Steubenville, Ohio, August 2012: a 16-year-old girl, incapacitated by alcohol, is unknowingly transported, undressed, photographed, repeatedly sexually assaulted and raped by several of her fellow high school students who document the acts on social media with captions such as “some people deserve to be pissed on.” … 461 more words