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CC blogger goes multimedia

Our fellow blogger and friend Anabella Abadí has a new TV show on VivoPlay. It’s about economics, numbers, and general common sense, which Anabella has tons of. 43 more words


Hong Kong-Style Protests: Law and Order Prevails

As someone interested in the spatialities of life and the question of what makes cities liveable, I have been very much torn when it comes to Hong Kong. 1,096 more words

Spatial Practice

Let's Get Digital - MixxCanada Conference Fall 2014

I am going into my fourth week of school, our program strongly believes in seizing opportunities, #YOLO. We were informed our class would attend the International Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada) Mix Conference. 595 more words


Review: Robert W. Rydell, World of Fairs: The Century-of-Progress Expositions

Historians have long looked at World’s Fairs as ur-texts, sites in which the priorities and contradictions of a given culture are on full display. In… 812 more words

Book Review

Caged and restless

Last Saturday, Prodavinci published a meaty piece of journalism-slash-history: Part 1 of the first extended interview opposition leader Leopoldo López has given since he was jailed last February ( 787 more words



We no longer share exclusively with family and friends. We post our every waking movement on social media; photographs of intimate moments once saved for family albums are now available for a much wider audience of those familiar to us, as well as strangers. 1,045 more words