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Washington Irving, “Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle Gent.” (1802–1803)

There is nothing that seems more strange and preposterous to me than the manner in which modern marriages are conducted. The parties keep the matter as secret as if there was something disgraceful in the connexion.

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"¡Los fenicios!"

This video leaves me speechlessAporrea’s take on the incident leaves me doubly speechless.

Luckily, our readers are not speechless! Take it away, venelondoner: 193 more words


Social Networks - The 'New' Local Pub

“You’re glued to that phone” – A sentence I hear on a regular basis, usually by my Dad. And I’m certain I’m not the only one. 227 more words

Ethical Journalism - or is it an oxymoron?

Journalism is a slippery slope. In order to uphold the fourth estate and provide the public with current news, ethical issues arise left, right and center. 401 more words


The Public Sphere and Sharing Practices

What constitutes the “public sphere” when it comes to the Internet and social media? How can a digital user navigate in different realms and networks and corners of the internet? 119 more words

Digital Media And Culture

Are We Democratically Dumb?

I apologize before hand if you are offended by the title of this post. It’s not meant to offend, but rather to stimulate this debate. There were two items that peaked my interest this week – one of them is a video from 2012, and the other is a CBC article from the beginning of this month. 684 more words


Freedom of Expression and the Respect for Cultures, Religious Beliefs and Symbols

The issue of cultural and religious identities in relation to freedom of expression can be understood within the larger quarrel opposing universal human rights and cultural rights. 1,825 more words

Human Rights