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Things you find in your septic tank

Over the years, we’ve been hard on traditional Venezuelan media outlets. Sometimes, we’re really hard on them. So it came as a refreshing surprise to read… 392 more words


Corrales, on where Venezuela is

A smart take on the current situation by friend of the blog Javier Corrales, courtesy of NTN24, in Spanish. The part that jumped out at me: there were twice as many people detained this year than during the 1989 Caracazo riots. Who knew?


Is Populism beatable?


Populism has been the driving force behind both our political landscape and our economic misfortunes. This trait has marked the misguided economic policies of several administrations, with Chavismo just exacerbating the problem. 846 more words


The OId World of the New Republic

As someone who works on the late colonial period (1730s-1770s) in a field dominated by the “early republic,” it is easy to feel as though I am working on the margins of the field of early American history rather than what is actually the middle or… 1,424 more words


BOOK REVIEWS/REPLIES (2014): Terry Eagleton’s (1984) The Function of Criticism


I want you to understand something. I wrote this for you. I wrote this for you and only you, even though I don’t know you or don’t know you’re looking. 1,424 more words

Book Reviews

Media, Markets and Crisis - Towards a Crisis Theory of Communication

The mass media, advertising and ICT play an increasingly important role in both market systems and capitalist crises. This role directly impinges on the dissemination of information to market actors as well as the reflexive and dialectical nature of the processes by which actors respond to market information. 657 more words


Religious Freedom and the Political Order: The Ethiopian 'Secular State' and the Containment of Muslim Identity Politics - Professor Jon Abbink

Religious Freedom and the Political Order: The Ethiopian ‘Secular State’ and the Containment of Muslim Identity Politics

By Professor Jon Abbink

African Studies Centre – Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands… 11,147 more words