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A Word a Week Photography: Transport



the act of transporting or conveying; conveyance.

a means of transporting or conveying, as a truck or bus.

a ship or plane employed for transporting soldiers, military stores, etc. 24 more words



The new LCD display they’d just installed gleamed proudly and mechanically orange, reminding those with hands in pockets how many polite smiles, “excuseme’s” and “ohitseleventhirty’s” technology was sparing them. 2,955 more words


National Travel Survey 2013: very quick summary...

Digging into the data from the National Travel Survey 2013. Britons are travelling fewer miles each year (average 6,584, down 6% from 1995) and making fewer trips away from home (923 a year, the lowest recorded); driving, walking and cycling are all down (though driving and walking still account for 86% of travel), as are trips for shopping (20% of trips), visiting friends and commuting. 261 more words


Daily Public Transit-The Good,The Bad, The Ugly

I am climbing on my soapbox again to talk about my daily commute.

Back in my prior life, when we lived two blocks away from the train station, life was sunny. 256 more words


TTC driver who ran a red light says she couldn’t have stopped safely

TORONTO – The TTC driver who was fired after running a red light on Eglinton Avenue said she didn’t realize the light changed red and couldn’t stop in time – so she drove through. 339 more words


Union asks for lesser penalty after TTC fires driver who ran red light

TORONTO – The bus driver who was filmed speeding through a red light and swerving around a pedestrian is “no longer with the TTC” because of the “compelling” evidence… 232 more words


Guest Post: Mason Bus Line -- Sources of Ridership Demand Outside of Traditional Commutes

The following guest post was written by Dan Sommerville, Policy Associate at the Michigan Environmental Council (a Trans4M member). 

Results of a survey of Lansing and Mason residents suggests that increased frequency on Capital Area Transportation Authority’s (CATA)Mason Connector Service could be key for individuals physically or legally unable to drive to actively contribute to our economy. 547 more words