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Brisbane is Trialling a New Texting App to Get You Talking on the Train

Everyone knows the protocol. You walk into the carriage, give everyone a passing acknowledgement as you look for a seat, then promptly settle in with your iPhone for the journey ahead. 414 more words

London, New York, Carrollton.

London, New York, Carrollton: the sign featured above a teenage fashion store in a strip mall in the town, nay, city where the University of West Georgia is located. 940 more words


Buses - Filled with Trolls, Injured Pensioners & Old Kebab.

I don’t want to admit it, but I am… (gulp) a bus user.

You will all remember that time when you finally had a few hairs growing on your face and everyone gradually razzed up in their three-door Renault Clio’s, square and ridged Nissan Micra’s and of course the most popular of them all, the good ol’ reliable Vauxhall Corsa. 1,379 more words


Adventures on Transit in the Suburbs | streets.mn

I had a meeting at MnDOT’s Metro Division at “Water’s Edge” in Roseville. This is a short distance (though by no means non-circuitous distance) from the Rosedale Transit Center. 999 more words

Public Transport

Thank you, Driver.

Notes about bus travel in the Lake District:

- It’s bloody expensive.

- It starts stupidly late and stops around 6pm.

- You better plan in a couple of hours buffer time in case two buses just decide not to show up and the third one breaks down on the way. 103 more words


The Metro

A few more photos to go with my previous post.

Without doubt the most popular form of public transport in Santiago is the Metro. Up till now it’s the only thing I’ve used (Haven’t braved the city buses or Micros yet).  465 more words


Singapore's Early Morning Free Transit Program Has Been a Huge Success | City Lab

Last week, Toronto mayoral candidate David Soknacki made a bold suggestion to improve the morning transit commute: offer free rides to anyone traveling before rush-hour. The idea is that by encouraging more early bird riders (in this case, those traveling between 6 and 7 a.m.), city subways and buses will be less crowded at the peak of the morning peak. 17 more words