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Ten Reasons Why I Dislike Public Transport (buses in particular)

I am not one to moan but I really do not like taking buses. Of course at this time, my choice is very limited but hopefully not for long. 366 more words

A street-friendly solution for congested cities?

TRAMS — last seen in South Africa’s city centres decades ago — can be a cost-effective way to provide reliable public transport, says Alstom South Africa, which is supplying 600 commuter trains to the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa with its consortium partners….more


Overcrowded Melbourne public transport could face crisis, say experts

The Victorian government bought 38 trains. Experts Daniel Bowen and Graham Currie warn that this will not solve long-term public transport problems.



Daniel Bowen, from Transport User’s Association said Melbourne’s public transport system is “almost a two tier network.” 190 more words


A Personal Hell

On my way to work today, I pull up to a stop light to see this:

Yep, that’s a public bus in front of a cop.  98 more words


Part 1: Political parties, three-axes, and public transport

By David Levinson and David King.

As a gross over-simplification, the current rap is that Democrats like trains and Republicans like roads, Greens like bikes and Libertarians like tolls. 802 more words


Bright Lights, Big City.

What a place. It’s overwhelming. The river. The plants and trees. The people. The BUILDINGS. The city. 


Thursday: My first day here, my housemates car broke down just close to home, so we had to wait for a tow. 898 more words