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Buses Can Tell The Time, And It's Terrifying

(I was going to write about the importance of gender identity today, but I am tired. So here’s some words about bus-based chronology instead!)

Buses in London, as well as being large, red and used by the entire population of the city at all times, have little rectangular screens in them on each deck, that tell you the name of the next stop, and whether the bus is stopping there or not; but now they tell the time. 594 more words

Reactions To Stuff

The more things change the more they stay the same.


I didn’t come up with this words but somebody please somebody, Tell Enginieer Kamau that; “If intelligence and reason must prevail, it is more reasonable and intelligent to remain open and listening for the voice of God or for any other voice than to shut up the eyes and ears and not even allow that there might be voices to hear?” 813 more words

Matatu Matters

Mind the (manners) gap

Following this article on a (one person, non-controlled) study on Time Out, I thought about how the perception of what people expect of others versus what we do ourselves is really quite different. 480 more words


How would you feel if I told you that before you could sit down to lunch you had to complete an obstacle course or a workout? Walk fifty yards on crutches maybe? 

What criteria do you use when choosing a venue for lunch? Cost? Convenience? Ambiance?

WelI, I often go out to lunch with my friend who has severe mobility difficulties and our main criteria is “where the hell do we find a place to park that doesn’t involve a fifty yard walk (on crutches) over loose gravel, stairs or wet surfaces. 256 more words

Fantasy And Science Fiction

Chapter Three: Marshrutka

An event that happened a few days ago in our rayon of Kiev gave me the idea of writing a post on one very important aspect of living in a Ukrainian or any ex-Soviet city. 1,138 more words

show your respect


tumben banget kaaan gue nulis blog hari RABU.. tengah minggu ciiyn :D hahahaahah..

berawal dari sebuah postingan di jejaring sosial di Path, salah seorang temen gue di Path posting foto ini… 804 more words

Life Says . . .

Letting the Train Cause the Strain

In which The Author fancies a break

It’s that time of year again, when the claustrophobic nature of Aberdare and the closed-minded nature of many of its denizens really starts to grate on my nerves. 1,463 more words