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Blu - Gigantic Mural in Rome, Italy

Infamous Italian street artist Blu just wrapped up a gigantic mural that wraps around two sides of a huge building in Rome. The pieces utilizes a few dozen windows to create the mouths and eyes of a number of strange and imaginary faces.


Minion's Musings

What a waste of precious time,

This time I have to draw the line.

The boss is harping on and on

About the things I have done wrong. 30 more words

Stolen Orange VW and the New Year

So many dreams.  I remember them when I wake up, but I’m too tired to bother recording them.  Nearer morning, I don’t mind so much.  I’ve read that dream sessions become longer as the night advances and that dreams are more coherent and memorable, too.  629 more words


Another Day, Another Dollar

“A job is death without the dignity”

Brendan Behan

This pretty much sums up my day.  One really can’t adequately express enough disdain for the general public until you’ve worked in retail.

Quick Question Poll: Genrefication of your fiction collection

Along with our blog post about genrefication, CMLE would like to get a sense of who in the region is thinking about, or has already genrified their collection. 23 more words

School Media Specialist

Genrefication of your school’s fiction collection

Do you use the Dewey Decimal Classification at your school? Can your kids figure out what “142.780973″ means? Would they know where to find the “Sports” books? 204 more words

School Media Specialist

5 reasons PR girls run the world.

  1. PR Girls will never stop working – As a PR student, I work around the clock. I used to be the best procrastinator around, but now I have mountains of work to do, I realise what I used to do when I procrastinated, and avoid that.
  2. 636 more words