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Publication: Part I Eutrophication

Recently, our TriWaters Tour team published an article I wrote concerning eutrophication of Canadian waters, primarily Lake Erie in both the 1960’s and again in recent years. 72 more words


Blog ~ Twenty Fourteen Theme Cascading Style Sheets [CSS], 07/31

Amazing, as you will see, the use of Cascading Style Sheets are very powerful. Coding, for some, is straight forward and quite simple. For me–challenging. 229 more words


GOD MACHINE NEWS: The Angel & Devil Kitties are out of the bag!

Greetings & Salutations, my friends!

Long time since I’ve had real news to share, huh?

Well, I wanted to wait until I had something significant to tell you, and this is it: 418 more words

Comic Books

Geek Girls

I’m so excited that I’m allowed to give you guys a sneak peak at the upcoming issue of Room Magazine 37.3 Geek Girls, in which two of my poems appear. 101 more words


Birding In The National Parks: Following Woodpeckers In The National Parks

It’s not much of a secret among my birding companions that I am quite fond of woodpeckers. From their unique physiology allowing them to safely bang their head into wood for hours on end to the common theme of stark black, white, and red coloration, woodpeckers are fantastic birds.

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Confessions from a Former English Major

Do you want to hear a tired cliche (as if there were any other kind)? I want to be a writer.

I want to be a writer the way a smoker wants a cigarette at a hookah bar–it’s all different kinds of desperate and sad. 291 more words