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A dem⦁n’s diary 69

Exciting news about my new YA/vampire novel – please click on the picture below, and pass on the news!


Published Wounds of the Warrior (f, serial, m/f)

Wounds of the Warrior (Part 1 of 3) has been published. This is the first of three parts in a 15400 word story and features a M/F couple. 215 more words


Fundraising Progress

We are all official and shiny! If you regularly read this blog, you may notice that we are also trying to raise money for a very distinct goal: buying an ISBN number. 163 more words


Creative Non-fiction Published in Chicago Literati

The folks at Chicago Literati were kind enough to publish a creative non-fiction piece of mine in “The Wanderlust Issue.” I wrote this piece after returning from a wedding–a beautiful, candid, touching wedding–where I had the opportunity to dance and drink and be weird with some of my closest friends. 30 more words


With its new music magazine, Medium still doesn't know if it's a platform or publication. And that's OK.

When discussing the newest crop of media startups, journalists often bring up the dichotomy of “platform vs publication.”

Sites like Twitter are primarily thought of as platforms. 808 more words


Gunpowder Review 2014 Nears Completion

The Gunpowder Review 2014 is nearing completion. Most of the work is selected and authors/artists have been notified. There are a few pieces that I’ve requested rewrites on, and those will be sorted out shortly. 60 more words


The Latest in Ever Upward

The presale is live!

Help us get an idea of demand by preordering your copy of Ever Upward: Overcoming the Lifelong Losses of Infertility to Own a Childfree Life.  125 more words