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Paper on a new satellite technique to examine the daily cycle of convection in tropical cyclones released online by Monthly Weather Review

This work describes a new technique that uses infrared satellite imagery to examine the evolution of the tropical cyclone daily cycle for all Atlantic major hurricanes from 2001-2010.   110 more words

HFIP-Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project

Sources of plastic marine debris on beaches of Korea : More from the ocean than the land

Reduction of marine debris requires knowledge of its sources. Sources of plastic marine debris found on six beaches of Korea were estimated. Samples larger than 25 mm were collected from 10 quadrats of 5 x 5 m for each beach in spring 2013. 108 more words


Strategy for mitigation of marine debris : Analysis of sources and composition of marine debris in northern Taiwan

Six sites (two sites for each of rocky shores, sandy beaches, and fishing ports) in northern Taiwan were selected to investigate the amount and density of marine debris in each of the four seasons and after spring and neap tides from 2012 to 2013. 114 more words


Microplastics in the seas

Plastic debris in the marine environment is more than just an unsightly problem. Images of beach litter and large floating debris may first come to mind, but much recent concern about plastic pollution has focused on microplastic particles too small to be easily detected by eye (see the figure). 80 more words


Seaweeds and plastic debris can influence the survival of faecal indicator organisms in beach environments

The revised Bathing Water Directive (rBWD) introduces more stringent standards for microbial water quality and promotes more pro-active management of the beach environment through the production of a bathing water profile (BWP). 133 more words


An Overview of Peanut Genome Structure

308. DJ Bertioli, ACG Araujo, S Nielen, P Heslop-Harrison, PM Guimarães, T Schwarzacher, S Isobe, K Shirasawa. 2014. An overview of peanut genome structure. Chapter 6 in Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Peanuts. 341 more words