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Rough Draft: "Myuu'suu


“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…” I never thought that nursery rhyme would traumatize me. Other than the fact that I got off that nightmarish planet, nothing surprises me anymore…” 1,286 more words


Rough Draft: "My Bloody Lullabye"

My Bloody Lullaby

The city is theirs now…all we can do is avoid getting shot.

“Why do they call him the Sage?” “I don’t know, because he’s old?” one of the thugs said as he planted the explosives on the doorframe of the bank vault. 2,106 more words


Rough Draft: "Psychomachia"


Appendix 1 Characters: Baroness Lorelei Eisner

Part 1: Her 10 stories

Cold, calculating, cool and merciless, are generally words one would use to describe the woman Baroness Lorelei Eisner, 32 years old with long brown hair and blue eyes. 505 more words


The End of the Trial of Man



No one is writing like this, or quite like this, or not that I have read recently in the English tongue.” —Stephen Romer… 227 more words

Paul Stubbs

Rough Draft: "Crepuscular Realm"

Crepuscular Realm-Lovepocalypse

In the depths of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., a historian, studying the ancient Mediterranean Empire of the Minoans, was analyzing the most astonishing discovery in the history of the planet: the discovery of Atlantis: in reality the Minoan Empire’s global trade routes. 2,941 more words


Past Issues - Winter 2014 Issue

Looking for a fantastic Christmas present for a fashionista?  Spread holiday cheer with the Cloud Orchid Magazine 2014 Winter Issue.  With US and International covers to choose from, this issue features work by model Jane Love and designer Wysterium Wear. 10 more words


Rough Draft: "Mind War"



  1. Wolfe Empire

“Haul it up, men! I’m not getting any younger up here!” Lord James Radcliffe of the Wolfe Empire’s most powerful industrial company, ING-SAG, barked down to his employees in the superconducting-metal mine, manning the huge mine trucks in the shaft, which stretched for nearly 100 miles. 1,922 more words