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The influence of non-climate predictors at local and landscape resolutions depends on the autecology of the species

Authors: Donna B Harris, Stephen D Gregory, Barry W Brook, Euan G Ritchie, David B Croft, Graeme Coulson and Damien A Fordham.


Species distribution models have come under criticism for being too simplistic for making robust future forecasts, partly because they assume that climate is the main determinant of geographical range at large spatial extents and coarse resolutions, with non-climate predictors being important only at finer scales. 291 more words


Paper published in Information, Communication & Society

Filippo Trevisan and I have had our paper ‘Ethical Dilemmas in Researching Social Media Campaigns on Sensitive Personal Issues: Lessons from the Study of British Disability Dissent Networks’ published in Information, Communication & Society. 30 more words

Tom Orange in relationship to Stephen Emmerson's Poetry Wholes

In a follow up to the previous post, in Tom Orange’s article in Jacket on the early Coolidge he proposes a Poetry Whole. In this incredibly interesting article he puts a Coolidge ‘Space’ template over works by Ted Berrigan and Kenneth Koch with highly interesting results. 41 more words

If P Then Q

The Writing Process Blog Tour: Wherein below ye will find a cat, wine, fountain pens, and scissors.

My friend J. T. Glover tagged me in a literary meme/chain mail/blog tour thing going around called the Writing Process Blog Tour. I really enjoyed his responses, which can be read… 624 more words



List of my publications

1. Razak, S. I. A., Sharif, N. F. A., Nayan, N. H. M. (2014). Electrically Conductive Paper of Polyaniline Modified Pineapple Leaf Fiber. 583 more words


"The 'PPP'"

If you’ve visited here recently, you may have noticed that I’ve created a new page (pages, not to be confused with posts, are listed in the top navigation of this blog) to welcome visitors who arrive via something called the “Poetic Plague Project”. 134 more words