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Of love and caring in academia

Disclaimer: the following post should not be taken as a critique towards my previous or current employer. Its sole purpose is to make us more aware of the importance of love and caring in (academic) workplaces. 623 more words


Publish AND perish?

Today I stumbled upon this sad news (I’d like to thank Cristiana Bastos for sharing it), which I felt impelled to share, because it is a sign, even if just one sign, of something wrong with academe, today. 1,120 more words

Research Quality And Assessment

We mustn't liken a black hole to a baked good

We also mustn’t use the royal we

A prevalent mindset in science journalism is that in order to make a subject accessible, it first must be dumbed-down. 315 more words

Scientific Literacy

A constipated brain

It was told that even the best of Them suffers the occasional brain constipation. It does not understand why They believe that such a knowledge would bring… 266 more words

Everything Else

The top 100 papers

Very interesting facts about the most cited papers in the history of science:

The exercise revealed some surprises, not least that it takes a staggering 12,119 citations to rank in the top 100 — and that many of the world’s most famous papers do not make the cut.

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How to Make More Published Research True

  • Currently, many published research findings are false or exaggerated, and an estimated 85% of research resources are wasted.
  • To make more published research true, practices that have improved credibility and efficiency in specific fields may be transplanted to others which would benefit from them—possibilities include the adoption of large-scale collaborative research; replication culture; registration; sharing; reproducibility practices; better statistical methods; standardization of definitions and analyses; more appropriate (usually more stringent) statistical thresholds; and improvement in study design standards, peer review, reporting and dissemination of research, and training of the scientific workforce.
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The most important problem? "pressure to publish" not "publication system"

Joan Comenge, Marie Curie Fellow in the group, has responded to my previous post. I reproduce below his comment as I hope it might trigger further discussion: 361 more words