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We mustn't liken a black hole to a baked good

We also mustn’t use the royal we

A prevalent mindset in science journalism is that in order to make a subject accessible, it first must be dumbed-down. 315 more words

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A constipated brain

It was told that even the best of Them suffers the occasional brain constipation. It does not understand why They believe that such a knowledge would bring… 266 more words

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The top 100 papers

Very interesting facts about the most cited papers in the history of science:

The exercise revealed some surprises, not least that it takes a staggering 12,119 citations to rank in the top 100 — and that many of the world’s most famous papers do not make the cut.

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How to Make More Published Research True

  • Currently, many published research findings are false or exaggerated, and an estimated 85% of research resources are wasted.
  • To make more published research true, practices that have improved credibility and efficiency in specific fields may be transplanted to others which would benefit from them—possibilities include the adoption of large-scale collaborative research; replication culture; registration; sharing; reproducibility practices; better statistical methods; standardization of definitions and analyses; more appropriate (usually more stringent) statistical thresholds; and improvement in study design standards, peer review, reporting and dissemination of research, and training of the scientific workforce.
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The most important problem? "pressure to publish" not "publication system"

Joan Comenge, Marie Curie Fellow in the group, has responded to my previous post. I reproduce below his comment as I hope it might trigger further discussion: 361 more words

Feynman's take on prizes/Feynman takes the prizes

“Photo by Tamiko Thiel 1984*

Richard Feynman was known as much (nay, definitely more) for his personality and his approach to science as a generalist than for his contributions to quantum electrodynamics. 307 more words

Publish Or Perish

Just do it!! (and delete the ‘publish or perish’ warning)

By Cally Guerin

I was talking to PhD students recently about how they can’t afford to be precious about their writing – that they need to simply see it as something they do as part of their job (or what… 685 more words