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Come on you monkeys, do you want to live forever?

Members of the control group for the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center caloric restriction study were fed an ad libitum diet of processed food.

The infinite monkey theorem, perhaps first invoked by French mathematician Émile Borel, posits that a monkey condemned to randomly punch keys on a typewriter for an infinite period of time would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. 909 more words

Scientific Literacy

Is the future of scientific publishing in-house open access?

Photo from flickr user Tom Marxchivist, 1952 cover by Basil Wolverton, used under CC attribution license.

Those of you that frequent theScinder know that I am pretty passionate about how science is disseminated, and you have probably noticed that, like their brethren in newsprint and magazine before them, the… 278 more words


Call for Papers! Premiere Issue of Servant Leadership: Theory & Practice

Please consider submitting a manuscript or forwarding the following call for papers to interested colleagues:


© 2014, Dr. Phil Bryant

  Dr. Bryant is an Assistant Professor of Management at Columbus State University and co-author of Managing Employee Turnover.

Managing Employee Turnover

Publish or Perish is a hit!

Many thanks to our presenters, Natalia Tomlin and Amy Catalano, for a great event! Natalia’s presentation can be found here and Amy’s can be found here.


Quote of the day: publicatio praecox

Scholarly activity in the humanities requires time; making everyone so jittery that they suffer from publicatio praecox will no more improve the quality of our intellectual life than a faster ‘rate of production’ of ejaculations would necessarily improve our sexual lives. 25 more words


Ten Lessons I wish I had been Taught

Here is a link to nice advice from a famous mathematician:

I especially like lesson 3: Publish the same result several times


The Slow Science Manifesto


We are scientists. We don’t blog. We don’t twitter. We take our time.

Don’t get us wrong—we do say yes to the accelerated science of the early 21st century. 231 more words

Publish Or Perish