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the long road of publishing - the story of wiseguys.

What kind of day has it been?

Things have been moving much faster than I anticipated; sometimes I feel like I do things very fast and all. 432 more words


Do It

You know all those people who have the courage to put themselves out there, to express themselves or to share a message? I think it’s hard because there will always be people who will try to tear you down, and with the anonymous cloak they wear behind their glowing screens, they find meagre and short-lived satisfaction. 83 more words


Rob Lo INTERVIEW by DJ Hardnox on All About Music Radio 108.9

Rob Lo (Prod. of The Mob Figaz & countless other classic & soon to be classic artists) I got the chance to interview him on my radio show, “The Come Up with DJ Hardnox” on All About Music Radio 108.9 We catch up on his body of work and an amazing announcement of an upcoming project. 43 more words

#TheDJHardnox #holidays #realhiphop #mixtape #radio #ProDJ

“The Come Up” Rob Lo Mix & Interview by DJ Hardnox HERE

The Come Up with DJ Hardnox *Rob Lo Mix & Interview* on All About Music Radio 108.9 is uploaded! Check it out- https://soundcloud.com/themusicconnoissuer/1-24-15-the-come-up-rob-lo-special-mixed-by-dj-hardnox-on-all-about-music-radio Follow @thedjhardnox… 26 more words

#TheDJHardnox #holidays #realhiphop #mixtape #radio #ProDJ


But why was it done? We don’t know. Was it out of love, or out of pity? Maybe it was to attain some narrow benefits.. we will never know. 20 more words


A New Semester of Completely Evitable Laziness

Along with my novel that isn’t getting written and school knocking  on my door, I have been overcome with laziness. It seems that at the times were work presents itself boldly in my face that I tend to want to lay around more than ever. 521 more words