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Right foot, left foot...

There can be no doubt: if you are a writer who wishes to succeed there is a level of masochism required for the job. After sending 40 query letters, getting two full requests and then having those requests rejected, I was left flat. 349 more words


Publish 5e adventure

@jamesfloydkelly still in the works – once the DMG is done, we'll have a clear picture of what's out there for people to refer to

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) August 21, 2014

Monthly Publishing Challenge - September

Publishing is a lot like writing — to get good at it you have to practice, a lot!

Rather than waiting until your masterpiece is polished you should be publishing smaller works that you’re not so invested in. 203 more words


How to self-publish through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Blogger Emma Jordan has self-published through KDP and describes the process of writing and publishing. Neglecting the laundry played a significant part!

Starting A Blog

My School Schedule D-19

Hai Guys!

Okay just letting y’all now, from now on, my posts will mostly be Diary Entries.. 

I’m going to write down my school schedule here. 350 more words


Monetize Your Blog – Don’t Ask Me How!!!

Monetizing your blog is pure common sense. You either sell your soul, sell advertising space, sell a product, or you sell yourself to a company and become sponsored. 256 more words