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We write (poem)

We write about life
But we are the life we write about….
We write about the struggle
The good and the bad
The happy and the sad… 81 more words

The Written Word

The written word is powerful! It has impact. It challenges. It provokes. It entertains. All through history, prose has been written, periodicals circulated, and books distributed and put into the hands of its readers. 368 more words


Why Writers Should Carefully Consider What They Publish

Being a writer comes with great responsibility

Ok, sorry to start this post off with an echo of the clichéd Spiderman quote, but it’s true. As writers, we have the power to influence readers. 1,548 more words

Literary Thoughts

New Amazon Feature Can Help Authors

Here’s a new take on two things already in our author superhero utility belt: the #AmazonCart. This is a new tool, courtesy of the powers at Amazon, that allows Twitter users to add your book (or any other product)from Twitter directly to their Amazon shopping cart. 212 more words


wasps and finishing what I've started

The other day, I let my dog in from the backyard and a small cluster of wasps followed him inside. Several more would-be intruders bounced off the window after I shut the door, trying to follow their comrades. 252 more words

Paperback or Hardcover


i am still working out some snags with my publisher over my book of short fictions (Place Me Here), hoping this is resolved soon! until then i will invite you to look at my self-published poetry book(s) and order one if you see fit. 62 more words


Happy Author Day!

That’s right, my friends. Today, I am officially an author.
My book, Max Hamby And The Blood Diamond is available on Amazon.com and Smashwords.
I am working on listing it with other retailers. 16 more words