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A Word About Publishing

‘It all starts with you. If you’re not ready to wear a new hat or have others help you, then find enjoyment just writing for yourself and your cat’.

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J.K Rowling to publish piece about Dolores Umbridge on Pottermore

J.K. Rowling is returning to the wizarding world to focus on one of Harry Potter’s most twisted foes. 216 more words


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To Publish or Not to Publish: That is the Question

In journalism school, you are constantly told the job of the media is to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.  The concept is in grained within your very fiber and becomes a part of your moral standard.   338 more words

Free Kindle Version of Penumbra available Oct. 25-26

Saturday & Sunday, October 25-26, you can download the ‪‎Kindle‬ version of my ‪debut poetry‬ collection, Penumbra: The Space Between, free from Amazon.com

Why don’t you grab a copy and give it a look over the weekend. 24 more words


October 24th - Grubstake

Grubstake – v: to provide with material assistance (as a loan) for launching an enterprise or for a person in difficult circumstances

I considered the broken down woman in front of me. 93 more words

365 Words Challenge

The Truth is Discovered

My editor at Xchyler Publishing did three short stories for the spring anthology ‘Blonds,Books, &Bourbon’ – one of which was the very first ever written. 251 more words


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