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Avocados are one of my favourite foods. Smooth and creamy their versatile nature makes them easy to use in both sweet and savoury dishes.

One of the major reasons that stops people from indulging in more than a thin scraping of avocado is the fat content of avocados however let’s dispel the myth that avocadoes are fattening. 706 more words

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Sleeping in the outdoors: A work of gear art

Sleeping in the outdoors, especially if you have hiked your way there, has a certain feel to it. But it sure does have more comfort when you do it with the right gear. 60 more words

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Ballpark Quirks: Petco's historic building a must-keep

While one historic building at Petco Park was moved elsewhere in downtown San Diego, the Western Metal Supply Co. building turned into an integral part of the ballpark, the latest feature of my weekly Sports Illustrated Ballpark Quirks series. 17 more words

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SUP athlete Jenny Kalmbach shares on career, growth

Working the Hawaiian waters with stand up paddleboarding athlete Jenny Kalmbach shows you just how easy things can be on the Pacific Ocean. Well, if you’re a top-level SUP athlete, of course. 36 more words

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The Government Shut-Down of Our National Parks and Public Lands

The government contingency plans include detailed information on the closing of our National Parks and Public lands in phases.  Phase one includes instructions for all day-use visitors to exit all public lands; within four days, the parks will be closed. 274 more words

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How to Improve Service Department Profitability, Part 1

Part 1 of 2: Analyze Department Potential

Today’s technologically advanced Service Departments can spend millions of dollars in building expenses and equipment.  Many dealerships consider the Service Department a necessary evil and the expense as a cost of doing business for the goal of selling units. 329 more words

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How to Improve Service Department Profitability, Part 2

Part 2 of 2: Analyze Rates

In the last eMag article, we discussed how the first step to achieving profitability is to examine the Facility Utilization and Labor Sales potential. 796 more words

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