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Running Amok for Fish Amok (Cambodia)

Cambodia is all about the Angkor temples … and the fish amok.  What’s amok? Why, the national dish of Cambodia! Check out my article for World Nomads — … 17 more words


Searching for Chili in China

I’ve had another photo featured on the Food Network in an article about the 17 Tasty Breakfasts From Around the World.  My pic is number 9 in the series. 319 more words


Marching Into the Movies at The Solute

I’ve got another one at The Solute today, and this one’s a long one. I examine several movies about or featuring bands, marching and otherwise, and examine the different ways this unique form of social and educational music-making have been portrayed on film. 30 more words


Revisiting Sky Captain at The Solute

It’s always nice when circumstances converge to provide an opportunity for me to write about things I wanted to write about anyway. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow… 88 more words


Shanghai Surprise at The Solute

Today I took a look at the 1986 Madonna/Sean Penn vehicle Shanghai Surprise over at The Solute. It’s an auxiliary to Julius Kassendorf’s series examining all of Madonna’s film roles, but readers of my recent… 67 more words


The missing youth: how rigid gender roles in children's media leaves kids out of the picture

Originally published on GLAAD.org

When you grow up in a place where everyone and everything around you seems to be one way and you are another, being yourself can feel impossible. 394 more words


Weird foods: Mekong Riverweed and Buffalo Skin Paste

One of my photos is featured on the Food Network’s website in an article about the 20 Weirdest Foods Eaten Around the World.

When I first came across the dish featured — Mekong riverweed with a dip made of buffalo skin and chill peppers — about seven years ago, I admit to being wary. 123 more words