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Fishing in Hell - Excerpt 1

I don’t even know what brimstone smells like, but this has got to be worse by far, it’s so bad. Imagine all the ugliest things you can think of dying and decaying – rot and ruin, and feces and mold, and blood and puss, all rolled into one. 882 more words


Мой рассказ “Утконос” во втором номере журнала “Белгородский бизнес-класс”

Илья Фостий. Утконос.

Вам никогда не приходило в голову, почему в нашем мире столько несуразицы? Откуда столько разных забавных животных, птиц, рыб, насекомых? Да и мы, homo sapiens, временами ведем себя ничем не лучше волка или барана? 13 more words

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Мой рассказ “Новая жизнь” в первом номере журнала “Белгородский бизнес-класс”

Илья Фостий. Новая жизнь.

Он проснулся от того, что на него кто-то пристально смотрел. Джошуа открыл глаза. Возле кровати стояла она – андроид последней модели, ТЕСС 0612, которую Джошуа приобрёл три недели назад. 10 more words

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DEATH'S REALM Anthology Release Date & Cover Art!

DEATH’S REALM, a Grey Matter Press anthology featuring High Art, a story co-written by myself and Simon Dewar, arrives on January 6th! So just when you’ve shaken off the last of Christmas and New Year hangovers/revelries/festivities… it’ll be around to plunge you back into worlds of darkness, despair–and of course, death. 62 more words


The Aftermath of the Steroid Era

As the Steroid Era has come and gone, sports fans are left with a bittersweet memory of what baseball was in that time. Legends of the game have left a tainted mark on baseball and now leave an unnatural standard for what sports fan expect of baseball today. 421 more words

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Neymar was the Backbone to Brazil’s Success; Media Framing

In the 88th minute of the World Cup Quarterfinal, Brazil led Colombia 2-1, but the game was far from over for the Brazilians. Up until this point the Brazilians had been the only team without apparent flaws in the 2014 World Cup. 472 more words

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“Why Ben?”

Athletes chase the impossible. They strive for what hasn’t been done yet. In the case of Ben Johnson, he chased the coveted title of being The Fastest Man in the World, 100m dash champion. 314 more words

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