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Always Use Protection In L.A. (Or You’ll Catch Misanthropy)

Thought Catalog | Dec 18 2014  |  Read Article 

I survey my new neighborhood, strolling down each block, palm tree to palm tree, the hot sun beading on my face as I admire the scenic hills in the distance. 29 more words

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Pencil and Ink: Be a (Super) Man

Joanna Tsanis on how superheroes reflect the tribulations of today’s men

 From Toronto Standard | July 17 2013 

When I was six years old, I found Halloween to be the most enchanting of holidays. 601 more words

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Pencil and Ink: Fallacy of an Atheist Superhero

In a world pervaded with the paranormal, how could a Marvel superhero possibly consider atheism?

From Toronto Standard | June 12 2013

In a world pervaded with paranormal menace and caped superhumans, how could a Marvel character conceivably remain an atheist? 451 more words

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Published: How Bendy Bendigo Came to Be

The lovely folks at vox bendigo, the official blog of the Bendigo Writers Festival, were kind enough to agree to post my wee meditiation on the naming of Bendigo the other day – the one that… 41 more words

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Pencil and Ink: Animal Man's Genius Revamp and the Origins of Mr. Freeze

The New 52 produced two savagely good comics, that haunt as vividly as they entertain

From Toronto Standard | June 20th, 2012

Last month brought two exciting releases for DC Comics’ New 52 fans: the release of the Animal Man series’ first trade ‘The Hunt’, and Batman Annual #1, featuring the origins of Mr. 455 more words

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Pencil and Ink: The Uncanny X-Force Shoot to Kill

When the unethical becomes the imperative, Marvel’s dark mutants get the job done

From Toronto Standard | May 26 2012

The X-Men are under constant scrutiny. 399 more words

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Little Fiction's 2014 Year in Review

Troy Palmer of Little Fiction asked me to contribute a top ten list for the site’s year-end extravaganza, and I gladly obliged. It’s basically a ground-level view of My Year in Procrastination, and it features sumo wrestling, Emma Healey, basketball, Jim Shepard, Joan Didion, and a bunch of other stuff. 15 more words

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