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The Girl From Midfoxfields

Michael W. Thomas’s latest collection of poems is available in both print and eBook versions from Black Pear and Amazon.

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Happy Easter!

Since I will be sans-computer this weekend (I know, it’s horrible!), I thought I would send this out now. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and gets to eat way too much chocolate. 211 more words


Poems by Jay Skinner

Jay Skinner - Virginia Commonwealth University.

Too done up

stuck between sleep and hunger
hollow rest, restless slumber
freezing fevers, drugged headaches
vomiting water, yawns when he wakes… 284 more words


Poems by Carmen Ye

Carmen Ye is a 23-year-old living in Washington, DC and missing Hong Kong.

Note from the author:  I write to share my experiences as a woman of color learning to love self and community. 555 more words


Poems by Kevin David

Note from the author: I’m Kevin David, 24 year-old super(x3) senior at VCU—former art student turned catering major, turned art student returnee turned undeclared turned creative advertising major with a minor in creative writing. 330 more words


Poems by Emily Baisley

Emily is 19 years old and currently attends University of Massachusetts Lowell with two majors: Biology and English.

Am I Inside

I toe warily at waking. 978 more words


Poem by J. Therese Marks

Coffee & Croissants

Coffee: dark roast. Velvety, like fucking you completely naked against your wall. No kind words, no love. Your teeth trying to bite your name into my bottom lip. 122 more words