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Senate Investigates Publishers Clearing House Amid Allegations Of Deceptive Marketing

For years the friendly faces at Publishers Clearing House have been giving consumers hope that they’ve won or are about to win a fabulous prize. But does the company mislead consumers with deceptive sweepstakes promotions? 565 more words

You can still win....even if you don't play.

I didn’t win the lottery again this week. I didn’t roll up the rim of my Tim Hortons coffee cup and become the proud new owner of a Toyota Corolla. 824 more words

Hog Wash

Mom got a small box in the mail today. It was from Publisher’s Clearing House. When I handed it to her, her response was, “What’s this?” She always feigns ignorance when she gets something she secretly ordered from PCH. 377 more words


Entry 323: The Wedding Blog Part XI: You Are Cordially Invited to Read This Post

Well, we don’t yet know who we’re inviting to our daughter’s wedding in October at the Norwalk Aquarium, but we know how.

Like just about everything else having to do with planning a wedding, the process of creating invitations has changed dramatically over the years. 1,094 more words

Knock Knock Who’s There?

Last Tuesday afternoon while most of you were at work someone was knocking on your door. Guess who. No, it wasn’t the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol. 645 more words