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My Gift To You: Signatory Agent List For Writers

My Gift to you painted in a red bow! 

I know that this blog is very long, but I hope that it will help writers. I am ALL for helping any writer. 2,236 more words


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This list may be useful for some of you. Need an agent? This is only for the east coast of North America, mostly USA.

Do Your Homework Before You Send Out Your Writing

If you were unemployed, what would be a better use of your time, sending out 100 unedited resumes to different positions, many wildly outside of your skill set, or sending out five targeted resumes to positions that are a match for you based on your skills, experience, and possibly even contacts within the company. 273 more words

Creative Writing

RHP—Writers’ Conference

I may have scared a few people this weekend. In fact, I’m sure I did—especially those whom I “borrowed” during my presentation. But I’m equally sure they’ll recover . 233 more words


The Themes in Our Lives

I have a new post up today over at Operation Awesome about themes in fiction. I wrote it a week or so ago, and it’s funny how this idea of a central message keeps popping up in strange places. 429 more words


Monty's Magnificent Mane

I make no bones about the fact I loved Gemma O’Neill‘s debut picture book, Oh Dear, Geoffrey!

And I don’t mind saying I was a little intrepid about her follow up. 314 more words

Is Unlimited Kindle really worth £120?

Amazon has invented a services that is basically a libary, but you pay for it. It’s called Kindle Unlimited. I’m not a fan, but with things changing so fast in publishing, libraries (in the US, but not as quickly in the UK) taking advantage of digital sharing, and self-published novels giving traditional books a run for their money on Amazon, anything coming into the business market should be watched carefully. 367 more words

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