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Who's Got The Time?

I’ve just read a very interesting post by Elizabeth Spann Craig. She talks about hybrid authors, that is, those who both self-publish and publish traditionally. She has done both. 395 more words

Thoughts On Writing


It’s a November event, but I’m writing about it in March. Why? Simply because it has come up in conversation several times in social situations recently, so I’ve had a look into it to see what it entails. 975 more words

Publishers on Life Support: An Industry in Decline

There is no lack of opinion regarding the state of the publishing industry.  While I am not a professional insider, my status as a writer-publisher of two novels, as well as my previous experience as an author/editor of a traditionally (Big Six) published nonfiction work, gives me some credibility, I believe, in this discussion.   923 more words


The Day Traditional Publishing Died

Well, it happened.  Today.  Traditional publishing just kicked the bucket.  I don’t mean what you think I mean.  This is not a pride-filled, triumphant declaration that indie authors have finally won the battle (though, in a way it is…).   599 more words


You Can't Get There (to Hallmark Channel) From Here

Two years ago this month, I self-published my first novel entitled “Beneath the Mimosa Tree.” I can’t believe it’s been two years. Time has certainly flown. 761 more words

Creative Writing

Indie Authors Unite!

In case you’re an indie author and have been snoozing under a rock these past few days (or if you have a newborn who just turned 5 weeks old today…like me…((no, I mean my baby…not ME…I’m 35…how many weeks is that??…brain malfunctioning))…and haven’t had a normal workday or sleepy time enough to be on your game in the world of the indies), you’ll be interested to read the seriously controversial report from  225 more words