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A Strange Tale from the Publishing World

Vanity presses tend to get a bad rap as being platforms for unscrupulous scammers to promise would-be authors a publishing opportunity, for unsanctimonous nobody hack writers to spend gobs of money getting their pet-project dreck into print, and just generally for not having very high standards in terms of publishing “literature” (although, one might argue that traditional publishers haven’t got much room to talk in that arena either). 621 more words

Why I Don’t Write "Catchy" Titles

I was asked the other day why I don’t write titles like Yahoo! or other news sites. My titles can seem a little bland sometimes, sure; perhaps they’re a little too utilitarian, a little too “vanilla.” They don’t do anything to stimulate the imagination. 716 more words

It's Not ISIS: It's the Golden Age of Books

Uber-Agent Andrew Wylie sees amazon employees going to work.

by Beth Wareham

When Andrew Wylie, literary agent to the stars, declared amazon an “ISIS-LIKE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM” at the Toronto Book Fair, it was the metaphorical gunshot that alerted the world that publishing had indeed gone around the bend, was no longer the sharpest knife in the drawer, or even had all its lightbulbs in the chandelier. 319 more words


Don't Worry About What's "Write"... Just Write!

If you haven’t already checked out Ursula K LeGuin’s National Book Award acceptance speech, I recommend you do so!

Honestly, I think that writing is an art, and should be kept as an art. 306 more words


Putting Food Into Words by Leda Scheintaub

Today’s guest post is by cookbook writer Leda Scheintaub, whose new book, Cultured Foods for Your Kitchen is at the top of my holiday gift list – both to give and (hopefully!) receive. 514 more words


Things I Have Learnt About Publishing

I have worked for Harlequin UK for seven months now, and I think that that is enough time to learn pretty much all there is to know about the publishing industry. 721 more words


Amazing Debut Authors of 2014

In the competitive world of publishing, there always have been, and will always be, authors who are bathed in spotlight. Their names will always attract attention, magazines will fight for a five-minute interview and they will be such a household name that even a non-reader will know them by sight. 1,196 more words