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5 Reasons You Need A Literary Agent Now More Than Ever

Yes, even you self pubbed authors need an agent now more than ever.

There’s no disputing that you can publish your own book, get a deal by yourself meeting an editor at a conference or submitting to certain publishers that are open to the slush. 536 more words

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Hello to all That Part Two: A Dream is a Fragile Thing

You know that thing where you’ve wanted something your whole life but it seems like an intangible concept that only exists in the pure, earnest region of your heart that still harbors childhood dreams? 428 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

Weekend Edition - The Writer's Home Office plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

In Search of the Perfect Writer’s Home Office:

As I mentioned last week, I’m moving next Saturday. Our new place is about six hundred square feet (give or take) smaller than the place we’re in now, so downsizing is the name of the game. 1,024 more words


Making Luck

Do you believe in destiny?



Do you believe that opportunity comes only once?

Do you feel that some writers are incredibly lucky, achieving all the fame and glory while the rest are doomed to mediocre results or perhaps no publication at all? 811 more words

Why You Want An Agent Who Reads

Agent Janet Reid wrote a great blog post about agent burnout among other things. One part that stuck with me was her comment about agents reading things that aren’t client work. 240 more words

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What to Do if You’re A Senior Who Can’t Apply to Jobs Yet

I’m a senior, graduating in a month, and I haven’t started looking for jobs yet. In fact, I can’t start looking for jobs yet. The field I want to work in doesn’t hire on a strict timeline, like some of the business majors out there may be used to. 388 more words