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Norway's Free Books Pay Authors

Norway has placed over 135,000 books online for free.

The books cannot be downloaded but they can be read in their entirety online. The website is only accessible by citizens of that country, and every book on the site offers payments to publishers and authors. 94 more words


S&S has International Appeal

Simon & Schuster’s president and CEO Carolyn Reidy said the company’s top growth is coming from international sales. Foreign markets are hungry for American books of all types. 67 more words


Traditionally Published Authors Moving

The 2014 Digital Book World survey found that among 9,200 authors surveyed, those that had been traditionally published were moving in number to self-publishing.

The authors felt their experiences with publishers were less than anticipated, and so felt the publishers had underperformed with their books. 100 more words


Adventures in Crowdfunding

In the past few years, crowdfunding has emerged as a way for creative types to solicit monetary contributions from the public in order to finance their new projects. 906 more words

Don't Panic

Amazon: Amazing but Without a Halo

Amazon is my go-to website. I buy all my print and eBooks there. I order camping stuff, household items, and gourmet foods, which they  deliver in two days. 369 more words

Indie Publishing

Publishing Trend: Wearable Book

MIT’s Media Lab has come up with a book that is the true definition of interactive.

The experiment has been called Sensory Fiction. The book has sensors that readers strap on with a vest. 32 more words


Self-pub or Traditional?

One of the biggest questions facing authors today is whether to go indie or pitch their work to a heritage publisher. In 2013, the Big Six (now the Big Five) commanded 89.6% of the titles in hardcover editions. 63 more words