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Random Wednesdays: FIction In A Flash

We made it to the midweek lovelies! How’s everyone doing? As usual I hope you’re well and that you continue to have a great one as the days wear on. 315 more words

Jackie Jones

Friday Highlights 95

Caught up on Supernatural’s latest season well, if you consider two episodes catching up. There was a time when I loved that show, but now . 536 more words

Jackie Jones

Random Wednesdays: When Writers Go Bad

Welcome to the midweek edition ^_^.

There are no excerpts from published books, WIPs or free reads today, this time round I’m getting down and dirty with a subject that ran me in circles when I first decided to become a published author. 393 more words

Jackie Jones

The Writer and The Written by Miss McRae

  As a writer, I find that searching for the right words is thrilling, like an odyssey or a quest. When I find them, the words are ready to be incorporated into my writing or to… 236 more words


Friday Highlights 94

Falling Skies was a favourite of mine when it first aired and I was looking forward to it returning for season 4. However, after a friend and I watched the first few episodes this week, we both decided that we needed to take a break until the season was over, before we caught up. 574 more words

Jackie Jones

Random Wednesdays: Demons Shouldn't Play With Shurikens

Another safe arrival to the mid-week and as always, I hope it’s treating you all well :).

In between I’ve been sharing snippets from my dark fantasy WIP… 525 more words

Jackie Jones

Friday Highlights 93

This week I started and finished The 100 a series that’s basically about this group of teens that are sent to Earth to ensure it’s habitable after the human race has been in space for many many years, following an apocalyptic event. 661 more words

Jackie Jones