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"Road Warrior" a Short Story

The Land Rover wreckage lay upside down. The engine hissed and buzzed. Oil dripped from the sump and onto the saturated grass. Coolant dripped from the radiator and steamed into the storm. 92 more words


Chapter Fourteen: Part Five


I’m woken by the feel of Sara being lifted away from my side. My eyes fly open and my hand flings out for my sword. 389 more words

No. 588

The Crack and Bang of Fireworks. By CpSingleton © 2014

In Nelson town the bangs ring out,
The zombies hear their name.
The elders think a celebration’s here… 30 more words


A "Lost" Chapter Found...

Very happy to report that my story The “Lost” Chapter of John Jourdain will appear in the upcoming Fall issue of Conjunctions.


How did I achieve 17,869 views on YouTube?

I’m not saying it was easy.

But, I was determined that I was going to get my work out there.

So what did I do to get my current total video view of almost 18k?   433 more words


Medici Garden Mentor Model: A Creative Process

I coined a creative learning and development process the “Medici Garden Mentor Model” and have never used it on the Internet before, although I’ve used the process since I was eight years old. 266 more words


Soulbook: The Soul and the Whole Person – Soul @Enwrightened

This is the twenty-sixth excerpt from Soulbook. Order Soulbook from Enwrightened Publications or Amazon.

Soulbook: The Soul and the Whole Person – Soul… 547 more words