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Predators Among Us

I read David Gaughran’s recent post, How Jessica Mitford Exposed A $48m Scam From America’s Literary Establishment, and had some lingering thoughts on the subject I wanted to share. 344 more words


My Gift

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Have you ever had a dream that seems a little silly, but you can’t help but hold onto it anyway? Like driving by a beautiful house every day that you know you’ll never be able to afford but imagining yourself living there anyway? 842 more words


my december books for your new year shopping ;)

Well, when I over-used my internet data last month I was forced to edit my own works, I realized that I can compile quite a lot of them into books. 137 more words


Would you write even if you had no audience? Really, would you?

The other day I asked myself this question and came to the conclusion that my answer is yes. (Of course, I’d be writing in the hopes that someday my writing would be read. 47 more words


"The Lotus of Fire" in kindle, createspace

Thanks Teagan for telling me about createspace, it is amazing!

Now why I love createspace?

I by mistake clicked their paid service and a lady named Laura contacted me, without creating a single fuss (when I told her that I dont have any money) she gave me a list of links that I followed and here is my book! 190 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Fit a Description

*One of the newest photographs I made, a solid proof my creativity has been trying to work!

Hello everyone! Although my absence is noticable, does it help to say I have been busy? 566 more words

Everyday Molecules

I Am Writing A Book.

I am writing a book.

Why is that so ridiculously hard to say? Well, it’s complicated.

If I were writing a blog post or an article for a magazine I wouldn’t hesitate to admit it. 947 more words

My Block