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Make, Bake & Serve Delicious Puddings This Christmas!

Christmas is a very special occasion and delicious food is a big part of it. Now, speaking of delicious food, let’s not forget about Traditional Christmas Puddings! 505 more words

Christmas Pudding



Ingredients- 3 egg, 2 cup liquid milk, 6 teaspoon sugar .

  1. Blend the egg, milk and sugar together.
  2. Take a pan, put 3 teaspoon sugar and 1 spoon water for making caramel .
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Easy Pumpkin Pudding Recipe

This pudding tastes like the silkiest pumpkin pie filling you have ever eaten, and the best part is you get to eat it with a spoon! 212 more words


Easy Chocolate Custard Sauce Recipe

Just like my mum used to make, and tastes just like school puddings used to, here is a recipe for you all to make a simple and quick… 45 more words