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Sticky hot chocolate pudding

This pudding is very easy to make, doesn’t cost much and tastes absolutely devine!

We call it the $2 pudding.  This is because the first time I made it for my son’s friend, he asked me where I bought it from.   213 more words


Enjoy Foodies Festival with Authentic English Pudding

The Foodies Festival in UK calls for summer celebration involving lots of yummy food and drinks. Foodies enjoy this festival to the fullest by getting a chance to meet their favorite chefs and food experts. 402 more words


New Dairy Diary 2015 website

Take a look at our gorgeous new website, showcasing all our new products!

Tadaaa, our new website is here – complete with all our gorgeous new products. 203 more words


feather-light (vegan!) chocolate mousse

Truth be told, I’m a little infatuated (read: addicted) to Organic Avenue’s Chocolate Mousse. Over the past few days, my travels invariably have me jetting into this uber-expensive health joint, and I’ve been seduced by the idea of a semi-virtuous sweet to take the edge off the fact that I’m on steroids, detoxing from gluten and feeling ravaged. 481 more words


Creamy Icecream Pudding

I think I am having a sweet tooth after I had a mochachino back at the Star Bucks Cafe..ever since I have been craving sweet,thinking sweet :) and cooking sweet.This is one recipe I came across,when we went for a casual visit to my friends place.It was soo simple,yet delicious and the kids loved it.I got the recipe and tried it out that very night and here I am..its early morning and I am having this very creamy Icecream Pudding on an empty stomach :) along with my son Ashmit,my sweet companion in mischief :) and he says he loves it!!What more can you ask for!! 237 more words

Biscuit Mocha Pudding-Biscuit Cake-Biscuit Pudding(No Bake)

This is a perfect recipe if you are looking for a no bake,easy peasy dessert recipe,that can be done in a jiffy!It is a perfect dessert for parties and celebrations!And it can be prepared a day ahead..no last moment sweat! 530 more words