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Creamy Icecream Pudding

I think I am having a sweet tooth after I had a mochachino back at the Star Bucks Cafe..ever since I have been craving sweet,thinking sweet :) and cooking sweet.This is one recipe I came across,when we went for a casual visit to my friends place.It was soo simple,yet delicious and the kids loved it.I got the recipe and tried it out that very night and here I am..its early morning and I am having this very creamy Icecream Pudding on an empty stomach :) along with my son Ashmit,my sweet companion in mischief :) and he says he loves it!!What more can you ask for!! 237 more words

Biscuit Mocha Pudding-Biscuit Cake-Biscuit Pudding(No Bake)

This is a perfect recipe if you are looking for a no bake,easy peasy dessert recipe,that can be done in a jiffy!It is a perfect dessert for parties and celebrations!And it can be prepared a day ahead..no last moment sweat! 530 more words