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Hooded Gestures

As the sun set against a sky the colour of a ripening peach, the last of its dying rays touched upon a girl lying on the bank of a river. 788 more words


Pudgy Face

Hi there.

Hopefully you get as much as a kick out of those previous two posts as I did. I know a number of close friends did. 279 more words


Now, if you’re any kind of rational person, you’ll probably be asking “jbvikingbat, why is there a picture of a pudgy snake above this post?” Well i’ll tell you why, today we’re covering the Tsuchinoko! 287 more words

Women at SRPI?

Here we are, Class, at the second day of the Southern Regional Press Institute (SRPI), put together by the Mass Communications Department at Savannah State University.  392 more words