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Underwater marine life Camouflage

Some photos of underwater marine life  that masters the use camouflage you can find here in Puerto Galera, Philippines dive sites.

These marine creatures using color and shape changes, and sometimes adapting to threats with blinding speed, marine species use a variety of tricks to confuse and outsmart likely predators. 90 more words

Puerto Galera

The G Spot (Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro)

Puerto Galera is located at the north-western part of Oriental Mindoro. This is the instant getaway for some who would want to escape from the busy life of the metro. 464 more words

A Lost Boy's Dream

Sea snakes and Eels in Puerto Galera

Sea snakes seem pretty cool. Eels are sometimes mistaken for Sea Snakes. Eels are part of the fish family and have gills for breathing.  Sea snakes do not have gills but lungs instead and need to go to the surface for air. 78 more words

Puerto Galera


Outside of my hometown, Oriental Mindoro has become one of my most visited provinces in the last five (5) years. My romance with Oriental Mindoro started when I was the Provincial Tourism Officer designate of the Davao del Norte whose motivation was to explore all possibilities to improve adventure and water sports tourism in the province. 1,400 more words

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A Week in Paradise: Puerto Galera, Philippines

 After three weeks of teaching and countless hours of lesson planning I was ready to throw in the towel. I have been working no stop and having randoms work days on the weekends so I definitely needed a break. 324 more words

Jet Setting

Nudibranchs in Puerto Galera Dive sites

Nudibranchs…If you are into these small colorful snails …  You will have a good chance to see more than 10 different kinds on one dive and several of the same species… here in Puerto Galera dive sites… 89 more words

Puerto Galera

Underwater marine life photos (up-close)

Some photos of underwater marine life in an up-close view…. you can see them very close when you go diving here at Puerto Galera dive sites. 105 more words

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