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Puerto Galera Weekend

Found myself on a rather sudden working weekend in Puerto Galera when my boss Eddie sent me on a quick reconnoissance mission for event venues and suppliers for the 15th Philippine Hobie Challenge. 512 more words

Beaches And Islands

Buri Resort and Spa: A Romantic Escape

Puerto Galera will always be a top of mind destination especially if you are looking for a quick getaway to spend your weekend or, in our case, a weekday holiday. 892 more words


2 White Beach, Puerto Galera

May 1, Labor day, three of my friends were on leave and they decided to tag me along in their quick escapade to Puerto Galera. White Beach, Puerto Galera is coined as the cheap Boracay in Oriental Mindoro because they say that the sand in the PG resembles the white sand in Bora. 96 more words


Le Bistro

We were always curious about the many quaint places to eat around Muelle Port in Puerto Galera. We’ve never had the opportunity to sample any of them because as soon as we set foot on the pier, our ferry would always be ready to set sail. 201 more words

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera

It is a family rule to go out of town or out of the country every year. For this year, we went to Puerto Galera, located on the north shore of Mindoro Island. 180 more words


Dalawan Muck Dive

First Dive in Puerto Galera, Muck Dive looking for macro.

Aquatic Life

Journey of a Bisdak Since 2011

I have a dream to travel the whole world. But I am yet financially incapable to do that but I am proud to say that I already started my journey to travel starting with my own country, the Philippines. 81 more words