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Puffball Mushroom

I believe this is a puffball, but I am not sure what kind exactly.  Being in a state park we weren’t able to pick the mushroom to investigate it further, and I can’t find anything that looks like it on Missouri Department of conservation website.

Puffball Mushroom

A photo essay of an 8-inch puffball mushroom in our backyard.

I do wonder what caused its shape.


Hope - Haibun of a Puffball

Funny thing about “Hope”. It is both fragile beyond imagining yet often has tenacity and strength, seemingly unbelievable.

How can this be?

Perhaps an analogy made with a puffball, to enlighten. 141 more words


preparing puffball

Gerald Owen Coburn, the man who first set foot to the path that led to The Quarry Farm as we know it, was, at his very core, an artist. 440 more words

The Quarry Farm

Learning to forage mushrooms. Stump puffball recipe.

I invested in Roger Phillips brilliant ‘Mushrooms’ book and John Wright’s River cottage Mushrooms handbook. I have consulted them heavily and read the latter cover-to-cover as a book one evening. 1,999 more words

Majestic Mushrooms

I love the outdoors, I love the green lushness of the open forest.  I love the small magical wonders that the earth provides.  Mushrooms are one of my favorites. 386 more words

The Outdoors