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Află cum să nu faci risipă de resurse cu un sistem solar cu puffer econom

Căldura în locuinţele noastre este esenţială în timpul iernii, căci nu putem locui într-o casă fără o sursă de energie termică. Confortul, dar şi sănătatea noastră depind de menţinerea unei temperaturi optime în locuinţa proprie. 372 more words

Panouri Solare Plane Germane

Symmetrical Brain Coral with Sharpnose Puffer

Symmetrical Brain Coral with Sharpnose Puffer
Bonaire (Angel City) – 5/16/2013


Communist Plot Number 3158


Arrggghhhhh! The bloody Dyson’s exploded! In the middle of the bloody kitchen! Again! All over everywhere. Without warning! I simply pushed a wee tit and it blew up in front of me! 826 more words

Adult Humour

Biology Moment Monday 28/07/2014 - Tetraodontidae "The Puffer Fish"

So I’m jumping back in to Biology Moment Mondays with another critter that has some kind of meaning for me. But probably not for the reason you’d think. 881 more words


Puffer Prep wrap up:

AJ has just sent me his Movescount file from his record breaking 2012 race:

Check out the file here:

AJ Calitz Puffer 2012 route 75.02 km – Route at Movescount.com… 17 more words


PUFfer Preparation 301

I have had an interesting email conversation with a fellow trail runner on gear and how to best use it stretching over the last few weeks. 1,490 more words


Puffer Prep 201:

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

I can’t claim this as my own saying but it is a British Army adage. So what does this mean for race preparation? 762 more words