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Last week I posted some of the coin purses that Donna had made – including the fabric!

She was kind enough to send a few more of her creations and here they are: 48 more words

Mah Jongg

The puffin has landed

A birthday addition (not mine)… he’s fairly brilliant and the slightest turn of his head introduces a whole new dimension to his philosophical commentary.


Seward, AK, day one

Arrived at Seward around 11 am and was able to get a spot in the small campground called Iditarod, it is right on the water. Dry camping but that is fine. 160 more words

The Shetland Isles – Scotland’s far northern archipelago

I was just sorting through some old files and found this magazine article, which I wrote for Paddle World Magazine. It was inspired by a fantastic summer spent paddling in the Shetland Isles a few years back, with my wife Heather. 2,314 more words


And the summer came!

Too much time without writing! That could be because of many reasons, but the main one is time. The time it takes to me to write the post and edit the photos, all the things that happened since the last update, and the lazy feeling when you know you should do something and the long it takes you to start the long it will take to finish it… However, I decided to do it now, a rainy day in Ireland (sounds like something new!), after a fieldwork day and coming back home because of the showers coming, the bad visibility, and the survey boats around the bay using sonars to map the seafloor. 269 more words


Isle of May: PUFFINS!

Isle of May is an interesting Nature Reserve and an easy day trip from St Andrews. More to come on the details of our wonderful outing but for now feast your eyes on my favorite birds, the Puffin. 61 more words


a puffintastic day

I might be alone on this one, but I really thought for a majority of my life that puffins were penguins. Cute little fellas that hung out with the rest of the gang up in Antarctica  marching and tap dancing the day away. 253 more words