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Rupert the Pug

One of the things I was looking forward to doing in Chicago was meeting Cheuk’s pug Rupert aka “Whoopie.” A little confusion in his daily serving size led him to gain some weight over the summer but this only added to his charm during my first encounter. 132 more words


How to Self-Publish Your Novel Professionally - Step Four: Marketing

So, I hear you want to know how to market your book. Well, that’s a mixed barrel of apples. Maybe. I’m not sure that that means what I think it means, it just sounded like it belonged there. 864 more words


I used to be a mummy

I used to be a mummy to four little rug rats (Prodigal, Statto, Pug and Skater). These little boys would run rings around their mummy. I always felt that I must be a bad mummy as I couldn’t control my brood. 373 more words


My Bucket List

Everyone has those things they want to do before they die, or before they get to a certain stage in their lives.

I’ve never really thought much about the top ten or twenty things I’m desperate to do, but I thought it could be cool to make a list and look back to see if any of these have changed or even been completed… 618 more words

My Life

Under The Weather

My allergies (or I’m coming down with a cold) were killing me today so I left work early hoping some rest would help me feel better. 112 more words


What is this sh*t?!!!!

As a proud Pug owner, I couldn’t stare this post without laughing + hitting my desk so hard. Oh my mighty dog, isn’t that cute or what?!!! 597 more words