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Food For Thought

National Geographic posted this article and I thought I would share it because I thought it was interesting.


Phoebe is pretty jealous, which is why I debate on whether or not I should get a second pug eventually. 194 more words


Couldn’t help myself… It’s all NED HICKSON’s fault. His post the other day about SHARKNADO 2 put this crap in my head! A life, I know…it’s still on my to-do list. 219 more words

Random Thoughts

Ah The Weekend!

Phoebe played fetch while I enjoyed my morning coffee on the patio.

I know she’s done playing when she heads for the door.

Phoebe thought I was going walking by myself so she went to her kennel. 306 more words



Phoebe and I were outside while I was waiting for my rice and green beans to finish cooking.

We have some new neighbors so Phoebe has been trying to make friends with the new puppy, which looks like a Rottweiler mix… 207 more words


Louie Guy - A New Blog

Hey all! I have a new blog dedicated to daily cute and funny pictures of my dog Louie and others (so original, right?). Check it out for a laugh or an “aww”! www.louie-guy.tumblr.com


The Breakfast Club (1)

Mornings are interesting over here…I need to get a life. I know, whatever. Ever wonder what goes on between your animals? I do, all the time. 652 more words