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My boy, Bubba, had surgery a couple days ago. Now, he has a big scar so he is wearing my hairband to ensure he doesn’t scratch at his stitches. 25 more words

Edgar Allan Pug

Here is the finished portrait. :)

My Comfort is My #1 Priority

Our family dog is a pug named Chub. Pugs are known to be very smart but to have a low work ethic. It’s true, I see him pretending he doesn’t “get” the instructions. 941 more words

Girl with a Pug (and a Saint Bernard too!)

~ girl with a Pug & a Saint Bernard ~

Title: Her Only Playmates

Artist: Heywood Hardy

Date: 1870



This is a year old Pug whom i am training for obedience. :) Cute baby!

meet Ollie the pug - get a free pin

The real Ollie, made famous with his likeness on a pillow, will make an appearance at Orange in Carytown May 8th. Come celebrate Orange’s one year anniversary with me, and Ollie, and all the other talented Orange artists, and the wonderful owners! 73 more words



In my perfect world artists would come as collectable cards instead of baseball players. So different but so inspiring, you could trade or find new talent, why has no one made happen this yet? 50 more words