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DOMESTIC ABUSE: I is for Isolation

After losing my infant daughter due to the abusive marriage I found myself in, I slowly embraced solace not only in my newly revitalized faith ( 885 more words

Truelove Homes

My New Man

I don’t know about you guys, but this summer has been certainly been rather eventful, in both good and bad ways. That’s why I haven’t been around these parts as often as I had intended or would have liked to be. 464 more words


Pup Shout: Chief

This week’s Pup Shout goes out to my friend Jill’s pup, Chief.

As Jill tells me, “Chief is a 9-year-old puggle who resides in Brooklyn, New York. 63 more words

Pup Shout

Autumn's magic

Uchi and I just went for a long walk. The neighborhood is so peaceful and colorful with the brightest red, yellow, orange and green trees. And although it was a little chilly, we really enjoyed our Saturday walk. 18 more words

Fun News

Meet Megan!

On October 11, 2014 my life was forever changed when my mom and dad adopted Megan. Megan is a two and a half year old puggle (pug and beagle mix). 438 more words


A chat with my 10 year old self.

Hello – can you say who you are?





I like horses. Riding bikes, reading – and I fight with my older sister. 314 more words

Sunny Sundays are the best

We all take full advantage of Sundays to relax and spend time with the family but, have you noticed that when a Sunday is sunny, it’s even better? 11 more words

Fun News