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Friday Favourites: Stitched Portraits, Pug Love, and Postcards Made of Wood

A roundup of my favourite randomness and recommendations.

Happy Easter Weekend!


Harriet Riddell of InStitchYou. The talented portrait artist will use her sewing machine to stitch your picture in 10 minutes. 533 more words


Fawn Pug Playing Pug-opoly

Pugs love to play board games and here is a funny pug picture showing just that. Pug-opoly has been one of the most popular dog games for over 3 years now! 6 more words

Mai Tai and Gronk on the Big Screen!

Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating. I put together a fun video of my two favorite dogs. This is essentially the “trailer” for the full video I will post next week. 9 more words

Good News!

Late yesterday mommy talked to my vet. The results of my bladder biopsy came in and we had been nervously waiting for the results. Although we were trying to stay positive it was hard not think about the possibility that I could have bladder cancer. 161 more words


It's The Birthday Pug

It’s a birthday cake with a very hungry looking pug sitting across the table who can’t take their eyes off of the tasty cake. Pugs love their food and will always try to get in on the action! 6 more words

Pug Love

I am starting to jump all over in the A to Z challenge, but I’ve decided I would rather do whatever letter I feel inspired by and cover all 26 letters rather than sticking to a specific letter each corresponding day. 464 more words

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