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How to Be Sick As An Adult

I was sick this week. I’m finally starting to be able to function again, but I have no creative ideas to write about. Even my list of topics can’t get my juices flowing. 527 more words


Potty Break!

If you excuse yourself during a meal, people will automatically assume you’re going to throw up.
And, most of the time, they’ll be right.
Go ahead and set a precedent in your post-op world by planning your exits to coincide with the middle of the meal. 32 more words

No cheese, please!

I know what you’re thinking.  “No” and “cheese” in the same sentence?  Whaaa?

Actually, it’s quite common for me.  For the foodie friends who have dined with me before, I’m sure you have heard me utter this phrase: “Can I get that with no cheese, please?” 396 more words

Celebration and Regurgitation!

This story starts out in Hartland, WI.  It was a 21st birthday party, and this guy’s dad was paying for him, his friends, his sister, and a few of her friends to go out on the town to celebrate.  2,037 more words


Armpit Hair: Mom's Calendar

I stood in the shower for a long time tonight before actually undertaking the task of bathing.  It’s been one heck of a weekend at our house; a blur of a weekend.   724 more words

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Ugh... Symptoms

Despite being off the progesterone for two days now, it seems that my HCG continues to rise, and that this morning sickness just won’t quit. 270 more words