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There is no "pin" for this...

This week, has been tantrum heavy. He’s four months shy of three and I guess his life has been really hard this week since I require him to wear pants and shoes outside and I won’t let him hit the dog with his wooden hammer. 364 more words


Jumping into Walls

Yesterday’s trip to the dog park was notable. PirateGoat pulled all sorts of epic fails and it seemed suitable to mention in the blog.

We started our stroll to the dog park and approached a stone wall that appears to have been a foundation for a building. 329 more words


The life of a mummy..

Ive learnt a lot since becoming a mum,
The colour white should be avoided, ALWAYS, it will end up covered in stains, clothes, walls, furniture nothing is exempt! 146 more words


Please, kitty. Don’t barf on the treadmill again.


Dear Puke:

Was it necessary to lure my son into a false sense of security…… allowing him to eat hard boiled eggs, black olives, hummus, and pickles RIGHT before you decide to make a grand entrance?? 323 more words