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Hello all my cyber friends! 

This summer has gone way too fast, and I cannot fathom that I’m back on the school bench. It is horrible, especially when I am not happy with my teachers and etc. 59 more words

Past elle - the outfit

This weekend we had another family dinner. I’m wearing some new buys, pastel colours and a black skinny. 166 more words


Très chic

This time and only this time;
Will be it,  the one exception where I break my rule of the “over-slouchy” look.

In my defense,
This is one of the looks I adore from Margaret Zhang’s array of versatility; 738 more words


Matching blue

Today is a very sad day… My holidays end and I have to go to school tomorrow! :( On the beginning of the holidays I was like: ” in the following weeks I will start learning things so I’m ready and prepared when school starts.” Well I don’t even know where my school bag is… And I forgot to buy an agenda. 188 more words

New Posts


早在今年的3月 我開始研究2014年春夏的流行趨勢時就看到『七分褲裙』,我很驚訝,更感到非常的離奇,覺得為什麼這麼不討女生身材歡心的褲子會登上時尚看板,更不用說寬寬鬆鬆加上七分長度不把我們女生的腿變成『恨天矮肥短』才怪!可是人真的不能太鐵尺,沒想到竟然短短的幾個月 我卻被它全全收買了!

我想姐姐我真的越老對貼身的衣服越來越沒有耐心,以前為了愛美 非常願意接受緊到爆表煙管褲的折磨,還記得每次吃飽就會偷偷的把褲頭解開,回到家的第一件事就是脫褲子!可是現在真的無法度啦!

所以為了舒服 我開始研究要怎麼把七分褲裙穿的好看 穿的時尚!這是我為大家搭配的第一套!我選擇搭上一件利落剪裁的絲質白色上衣和每個女孩應該有的黑色高跟鞋,是不是整個散發出一種莫名的藝術氣息呢?


While I was browsing through the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion trends early this year around March, I came across Culottes and instantly I was like ‘WHAT AND WHY?!?”! 207 more words


70s BOHO

Photos by Marcus Cheng

我這套是不是很有70年代波希米亞復古風的feeeel 呢?不知道最近怎麼了,這季我瘋狂似的愛了平常沒興趣的短板上衣,頭巾和破破爛爛的牛仔褲,不過把他們全部搭在一起,最後再加上圓形滾金邊的太陽眼鏡,天阿�~是不是別有一般風格呢?

Hey! What do guys think of this outfit? I have no clue why this season I am falling in love with items that would not interest me before for example crop top, headscarf and ripped jeans! 44 more words


Let's start for the begining!!!

Hey girls! Quiero compartir con ustedes el primer photoshoot que realize cuando tome la desicion de ser fashion blogger, hace aproximadamente 3 meses. Me tomaron las fotos con mi telefono celular, por lo que no lucen profesionales, a pesar de eso para mi son muy especiales pues marcan el inicio de una etapa muy especial de mi vida. 21 more words