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My Lifting Journey Part 3: A Whole Lotta Push-Ups

Despite years of lifting and busting my ass, by the time I graduated from high school, I had made very marginal fitness progress. Still, for the first time in my life I was actually beginning to get some attention from girls, which definitely did help me feel a lot better about myself. 518 more words


Friday 10.31.14

Partner Halloween WOD

It’s the classic tale of good versus evil. Which side will dominate?

Every class today will be divided into two groups; the Survivors and the Zombies. 132 more words


WOD 103014

For time:
Run 400 meters
50 pull-ups
Run 400 meters
50 push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 sit-ups
Run 400 meters
50 squats


Sit up Cindy

In effort to keep post up Im going to start adding some body weight / at home workouts that I have done pre and post injury ! 36 more words


Get Up and Move!- Basic Exercise Moves for Impressive Results

I love to exercise. That’s my pastime, my hobby, and as a recent lifehack article points out, it’s also one of my skills. While I enjoy push ups though, I enjoy sharing and encouraging others to get active more than anything else. 2,002 more words

Health And Well Being

Workout 10/28/14: Pulls, Dips & GtG Pushups

If you aren’t familiar with the term GTG, it is short for “Greasing the Groove” where you execute an exercise throughout the entire day, spaced out far enough where you are rested. 52 more words

Strong 4 Family

Wednesday 10.29.14

Daily Warmup (check the board)


Hip flexion and external rotation with band 2 min each side (first piece in video)

Upper back and ribs with foam roller 2 min (first piece in video) 95 more words