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Weighted Pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of the best strength-building exercises. Once you can comfortably do 10 reps of pull-ups for 4 sets with your body weight, you should think about challenging yourself with weighted reps. 45 more words

Things No Parents Ever Tell You About Potty Training

My son is almost 3.5 now and I’d really like him to go to preschool in the fall. So we have been working on the potty for several months now. 762 more words


Convict Conditioning Session 57


Exercise: Pull Ups Level 2: Horizontal Pulls (1 set of 30, 29, 25)

Exercise: Squats Level 3: Supported Squats (1 set of 20, 20) 

Volume: Week 3, Day 3

@ FSU Muscle Lab in Tallahassee, FL

Bench Press, wraps, belt: x4@9, 4-6% straight drop
270×4 @8
295×4 @10
280×4 @9.5 (16 mins)

-Still getting used to the wider grip. 62 more words


Day 33- "A Bigger Slice of Angie"

Day 33

Stretch Routine

Warm up- 2 rounds 10 Flutter kicks, 5 Burpee’s

Strength- 10lbs KB Thrusters 5×3

WOD “A Bigger Slice of Angie”

(Todays time 4:27 Boom… original time at half the reps was 3:08) 499 more words

Multiple Sclerosis & Crossfit

One more box checked

At the start of the year, Pam and Troy had us write down our goals. I’m not sure if you remember what mine were but I talk about them in this… 525 more words

Meghan's Journey