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Awkward Teens

Our Chicklets are growing out beautifully. The cockerel, Bleu is proving to be a striking specimen for his breed. Not only is he feathering out and shaping up handsomely but he continues to be a gentleman to his girls and his people. 126 more words

Cluck Crue

Chick update!

Check out the chicks!   Roxy (the barred rock below – get it?) is checking out grass and dirt for the first time here.

They’re 5 weeks old or so, almost old enough to go out in the coop & run all by themselves. 8 more words


Coop is up and the new birds have arrived

My husband put the coop and run up I went for a the Sussex coop with double run and ordered two additional runs to lengthen the space for the birds to play in.   254 more words

Modern Chicken Coop: Tour

Our chickens have been living outside in their new coop for 2-3 weeks now. Jason and I spent a lot of time on it and we’re quite happy with how it turned out. 554 more words


More Feathered Friends

What a blessing to have some new little beauties growing up in our mud room once again! :)

These little ladies are 3 week old Rhode Island Reds and Red Star pullets! 55 more words


New Arrivals

Yesterday we headed over to Portlaoise to visit a poultry fair. If any of you have never been to one it’s really worth a look, slightly surreal in many ways! 389 more words