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New Chickens... New Predators

My new pullets!! I think that their grayish blue feathers are beautiful. They are a cross between an Easter Egger and a Barred Rock.

With new additions comes new lose. 66 more words


Eggs Actly

August 27, 2014

This little egg is from one of our pullets. These little girls are just starting to lay. They take their job seriously. They give all they have and I am thankful. 297 more words

August 2014

Pullet Egg!

First there was one and now there are three…….

Way to go girls!¬† I was starting to wonder……



Why buy pullets?

Most people who want to raise chickens buy chicks, either directly from a mail-order hatchery or from a local ag store like Tractor Supply or Agway. 1,032 more words


Egyptian Fayoumis

Egyptian Fayoumis originated in Egypt, along the Nile River, and have existed for thousands of years. Although they have existed in America for over 70 years, the American Poultry Association has yet to officially recognize the breed, so it does not have a standard of perfection.  219 more words

Dare 2 Dream Farms

peace negotiations

Well, it’s been 4 days, and we remain at a stand still with our peaceful flock integration. Gloria is still acting pretty freaked out / curious / territorial / excited whenever we bring the new girls out (a few hours each day). 161 more words